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  1. JKS1
    Quote from: Space Sweeper on Apr 05, 2012, 12:06:06 PM
    --derstand because I'm not Russian.

    Basically just Rapace and Fassbender lookin' sexy. Hopefully there're some pretty new pictures inside...

    Uncovered by Viscal of

    Am genuinely surprised to often read of these 2 being touted as 'sexy' or swoon worthily gorgeous.

    Dont find either of them particularly sexy ?!!

    Especially not Fassbender since I'm not gay, nor Rapace since I saw her pretty much naked in 'Dragon Tattoo' and wasnt at all impressed (with her nakedness, not her acting which was/is superb)

    Just because I dont fancy either of them doesnt mean I'm not looking forward to this movie like a kid on xmas morning aching to open his presents, as 'sexy' stars is something that is VERY rarely an incentive for me to go see a movie

    However, a great idea, fascinating concepts, great acting, a great director and the promise of excitement, drama, tension, wonderful effects and big budget fantastic scifi action are certainly incentives in my book !!! 
  2. Vickers
    At least the photoshopping on Fassbender and Rapace is considerably less... but these covers so far look terrible.  I wish they would show a more exciting/intriguing image.  Or maybe take a risk and not have any of the cast on the cover image.

    I'm pretty sure an image of the Derelict, for example, would be far more intriguing - even to those unfamiliar with Alien or Prometheus.
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