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 Predator Graphic Novels
Title: Predator: Hunters 2
Written By: Chris Warner
Artwork By: Agustin Padilla & Neeraj Menon
Publication Date: June 12, 2019
Description: From tropical islands to desert mountains, the hunt is on! Predators–the hunters from the stars–have been coming to Earth since time immemorial, stalking and killing the strongest, most challenging humans for sport. But now the tables are turning as a team of human hunters set their sights on the Predators–wherever they may be found. Collects issues #1-#4


 Predator Graphic Novels
Title: Predator: The Essential Comics Volume 1
Written By: Mark Verheiden
Artwork By: Chris Warner & Ron Randall
Publication Date: December 05, 2018
Description: Before the film Predator 2, there were these comics–a four-color sequel to one of the greatest action films of all time. Written by Mark Verheiden and illustrated by comics mainstays Chris Warner and Ron Randall. Collects Predator: Concrete Jungle TPB, Predator: Cold War TPB, and Predator: Dark River TPB.


 Predator Graphic Novels
Title: Predator: Hunters
Written By: Chris Warner
Artwork By: Francisco Ruiz Velasco
Publication Date: January 24, 2018
Description: Since time immemorial, the aliens known as Predators have come to Earth to hunt us. Now a group of survivors of those visits have begun a hunt of their own. This is the year that humanity turns the tables on the Predators! Collects Predator: Hunters #1-#5.


 Predator Graphic Novels
Title: Predator: The Original Series (Hardback)
Written By: Mark Verheiden
Artwork By: Chris Warner & Ron Randall
Publication Date: June 14, 2017
Description: For the thirtieth anniversary of Predator, Dark Horse is releasing three now-classic tales in one oversized, deluxe hardcover volume designed to sit on your bookshelf beside the Aliens 30th Anniversary edition! Collects Predator: Concrete Jungle TPB (#1#4). Predator: Cold War TP (#1#4), and Predator: Dark River TPB.


 Predator Graphic Novels
Title: Predator: Life and Death
Written By: Dan Abnett
Artwork By: Brian Albert Thies
Publication Date: October 19, 2016
Description: Colonial Marines on the planet Tartarus battle extraterrestrial hunters over the possession of a mysterious horseshoe-shaped spaceship of unknown origin. The Weyland-Yutani rep wants the ship, and the marine captain wants to protect her crew. But neither objective is likely when a band of Predators attacks! Collects issues #1–#4.


predatorfireandstone Predator Graphic Novels
Title: Predator: Fire and Stone
Written By: Joshua Williamson
Artwork By: Christopher Mooneyham, John Lucas, Dan Brown, Lucas Graciano
Publication Date: July 15, 2015
Description: As the Perses escapes from the terror of the wreckedPrometheus, an invisible stowaway forces the crew into a deadly conflict! While the crew defend themselves against this unseen predator, the hunter itself stalks a much more substantial game! Collects Predator: Fire and Stone #1–#4!


predatorpb19 Predator Graphic Novels
Title: Predators TPB
Written By: Marc Andreyko, David Lapham & Paul Tobin
Artwork By: Guilherme Balbi, Victor Drujiniu, Gabriel Guzman, & others
Publication Date: October 13, 2010
Description: Action–packed, blood–drenched lead–ins introduce the main characters from the film, played by Adrien Brody and Laurence Fishburne, and set up Rodriguez’s reboot of the Predator film series by showing how the characters fought for their lives and arrived on the Predators’ alien planet. Then, after an adaptation of the film itself, find out what happened to the surviving characters immediately after the movie, when they were stranded on the hostile world with only each other–and the faint hope of escape-to help them outlast the Predators. Compiles Predators (Prequel), Predators (Adaptation) and Predators: Preserve the Game.


 Predator Graphic Novels
Title: Predator: Prey to the Heavens
Written By: John Arcudi
Artwork By: Javier Saltares & Wes Dzioba
Publication Date: May 19, 2010
Description: The world’s attention is focused painfully on a brutal third-world civil war, a merciless sectarian conflict sparing neither soldier nor civilian, grandmother nor child. But amidst the terror and carnage, where great nations and powerful interests jockey for position and advantage, another blood feud rages in the shadows, one no more humane but decidedly less human. Two warring tribes from the stars have chosen Earth’s killing fields as their arena, with each clan sworn to eradicate the other . . . and all who stand between them. Each is the other’s prey, each the other’s Predator.


 Predator Graphic Novels
Title: Predator Omnibus Volume 4
Written By: Various
Artwork By: Various
Publication Date: September 10, 2008
Description: Across the centuries, humanity’s capacity for violence has marked time as surely as the movement of the stars. And from those very stars have come an invisible participant in our history, the extraterrestrial Predator, who has used Mankind’s own penchant for murder and mayhem as a shadow to cover its own bloody tracks, as a hunting blind from which to take down its human prey. But the Predator has not passed through the ages unnoticed, and despite the alien killer’s strength, cunning, and advanced technology, there are few things more certain than how far men are willing to go when it’s time for a little payback!


 Predator Graphic Novels
Title: Predator Omnibus Volume 3
Written By: Various
Artwork By: Various
Publication Date: Jun 11, 2008
Description: Death often hides in the dark, isolated corners of the earth-in thick woods, steaming swamps, or angry seas. These natural dangers of animal, weather, and terrain often give rise to legends and folk tales of demons, serpents, and ghosts to put an understandable face to the unknown. And while many myths have a basis in reality, some are reality, the reality of the presence of Predators: alien hunters as savage as they are intelligent, as cunning as they are merciless. And when rational men stand face to face with a sea serpent, a Gollywomp, or the New Jersey Devil bent on taking trophies, they have but two choices-fight the myth or become history!


 Predator Graphic Novels
Title: Predator Omnibus Volume 2
Written By: John Arcudi, Andrew Vachss, Randy Stradley…
Artwork By: Evan Dorkin, Jordan Raskin, Derek Thompson…
Publication Date: Feb 20, 2008
Description: Trophy hunters from another world, hiding in plain sight, drawn to heat and conflict. A historical scourge, lethal specters, powerful, savage, merciless. Utilizing their feral instincts and otherworldly technology in the sole pursuit of the most dangerous game . . . Man. Whether haunting the blazing deserts of the Southwest, stalking the claustrophobic woods of the Pine Barrens, or infiltrating a maximum security prison, the Predators take no prisoners and leave only death in their grisly wake. But even these bestial killing machines can meet their match when men swallow their fear and channel their own primal rage . . . and the hunter becomes the hunted! Predator Omnibus Volume 2 continues the complete presentation of these comics classics-some never before collected-featuring over three hundred gripping story pages in full color, penned by a who’s-who of top writers.


 Predator Graphic Novels
Title: Predator Omnibus Volume 1
Written By: Mark Verheiden, Dan Barry
Artwork By: Chris Warner, Ron Randall, Dan Barry and More.
Publication Date: Aug 15, 2007
Description: Dark Horse Comics set the comics industry on its ear with its comics expansion of the Predator mythos, a comics series so true to the spirit of the original 20th Century Fox film blockbuster that concepts from the first Predator comics series were incorporated into the Predator screen universe. Now, the three core Dark Horse Predator graphic novels-Concrete Jungle, Cold War, and Dark River-and several other chilling Predator tales, some never before reprinted, are collected together for the first time, in a value-priced, quality-format omnibus, featuring over 400 explosive story pages in full color. Written by screen and television scribe Mark Verheiden (The Mask, Battlestar Galactica) and comics legend Dan Barry and illustrated by Chris Warner, Ron Randall, Dan Barry, and others, Predator Omnibus Vol. 1 is an essential piece of the Predator mythos and a great entry point into the storied Dark Horse Predator library.


 Predator Graphic Novels
Title: Predator: Hell & Hot Water
Written By: Mark Schultz
Artwork By: Gene Colan, Mark Schultz, Steve Dutro, Gregory Wright
Publication Date: Feb 18, 1998
Description: Two days ago, the crew of a Chilean fishing vessel saw something fall from the sky – a vision that at times took on material definition and flickered with an electricity of its own. Captain Cromartie has a pretty good idea what’s down in those cold waters – he’s pretty sure he’s fishing for Predators. But knowing what you’re fishing for and knowing how to catch it are two totally different things.


 Predator Graphic Novels
Title: Predator: Kindred
Written By: Jason R. Lamb, Scott Tolson
Artwork By: Igor Kordey, Brian O’Connell, Roger Peterson, Bruce Patterson…
Publication Date: Dec 10, 1997
Description: Fleener Creek is a sleepy old Oregon town, the kind that makes you think of Andy and Barney and Aunt Bee. But sleepy towns aren’t always dreamy. Sometimes sleep brings on nightmares, the kind that begin and end with an eight-foot-tall monster wielding spears and knives. Fleener Creek may be sleepy, but most folks in this town won’t sleep soundly again. And others will never wake up.


 Predator Graphic Novels
Title: Predator: Race War
Written By: Andrew Vachss, Randy Stradley
Artwork By: Ray Lago, Jordin Raskin, Lauchland Pelle, Rick Bryant…
Publication Date: Aug 01, 1995
Description: From the Arctic Circle to the equatorial jungles — from the most isolated wilderness to the overpopulated city — any place can be a hunting ground. It all depends on your choice of game. For Predator, that game is man, so he heads to the grounds with the biggest trophies: the Paloverde State Penitentiary. They say that when you kill a killer, all his kills belong to you, and Predator’s looking to rack up the big numbers.


 Predator Graphic Novels
Title: Predator: Jungle Tales
Written By: Various
Artwork By: Various
Publication Date: Mar 01, 1995
Description: Reprint issue featuring two stories that originally appeared in Dark Horse Comics, this issue features a new cover with line art by Val Mayerik. Rite of Passage was a story by Ian Edgington, pencils by Rick Leonardi, and inking by Dan Panosian originally appeared in Dark Horse Comics #1 and #2. The second story, The Pride at Nghasa, features a script by Chuck Dixon with art by Enrique Alcatena, and was originally published in Dark Horse Comics #10 and #12.


 Predator Graphic Novels
Title: Predator: Cold War
Written By: Mark Verheiden
Artwork By: Ray Lago Penciller: Ron Randall, Steve Mitchell, Clem Robins…
Publication Date: May 01, 1993
Description: Beautiful, bold Lt. Ligachev is two months into her first command position at a pumping station in the Siberian oil fields when her men are slaughtered by an invisible foe. She escapes, barely. New York City detective Schaefer has run into Predators before on the mean streets of the United States, and survived. Now Ligachev and Schaefer are sent to winter-ravaged Siberia by their bickering governments to eliminate the Predators – if they can just keep the Americans and Russians from killing each other first.


 Predator Graphic Novels
Title: Predator: Big Game
Written By: John Arcudi
Artwork By: Den Beauvais, Evan Dorkin, Armando Gil, Kurt Hathaway, Julia Lacquemont
Publication Date: Aug 01, 1992
Description: The smash-hit miniseries is collected into one volume. Corporal Enoch Nakai is a young American Indian with a bad past and an even worse present. Stationed in the American Southwest, he and his good buddy Dietl go on a recon patrol to investigate a small disturbance – but discover that the disturbance is anything but small! Try a seven-foot, bad-attitude extraterrestrial who’s armed to the teeth and lookin’ for trouble.


 Predator Graphic Novels
Title: Predator: Concrete Jungle
Written By: Mark Verheiden
Artwork By: Den Beauvais, Chris Warner, Ron Randall, Chris Warner…
Publication Date: Sep 01, 1990
Description: New York City’s Detective Schaefer has seen it all, from domestic murders to drug-gang executions. but Schaefer’s never seen the Big Apple awash in so much blood as tonight, with flayed bodies hung like meat being cured for mealtime. When Schaefer has a close encounter with one of the murderers, he realizes he’s run into something much bigger than the police suspect. Can even the toughtest cop stand up to the ultimate hunter?
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