Fede Alvarez working on new Alien film!

Started by MudButt, Mar 04, 2022, 10:06:48 PM

Fede Alvarez working on new Alien film! (Read 48,634 times)

Immortan Jonesy

Quote from: Nightmare Asylum on Mar 05, 2022, 02:59:36 AM
What I mean is something more akin to AVP just straight up reusing Resurrection's Alien suits. Be they suits, or digital assets, I don't want to see the Aliens designed for Hawley just handed off to Fede afterwards for his film.

Neither do I. Fair enough my friend, fair enough.  :)


Ehhh, direct to Hulu+Ridley involved doesn't give me high hopes.......


This is good news.

Nay. Great News!



I like that it's not more Ripley.

I have no strong feelings about the director either way because I've not seen any of his stuff.

I'm vexed it isn't a resolution to the David arc though.


im excited ive been wanting to see an alien movie not connected to the originals or prequels that has new cast, characters and settings. im glad it isnt shoe horning ripley in too, i feel like too much is connected to her.

i just want to see the aliens and humans

Immortan Jonesy

One of the wonders of the original 1979 movie is that it works perfectly as a standalone flick. Hopefully this too as well.

Gentleman Death

Quote from: judge death on Mar 05, 2022, 02:42:58 AM
Quote from: Richman678 on Mar 05, 2022, 01:39:40 AM

This is not a great idea.
Actually, I would hope with how they handled the last few SW movies they'll have a better handling in this franchise.[/b]
LAst I checked the last movie: rise of skywalker is seen as the worst movie the fans has seen, even worse than last jedi according to many, and its a mix up of random ideas and fan service that was just a big mess. Wouldnt say it was a better movie. Disneys star wars movies started good but gone downhill fast.

What I meant was with how badly they handled the last few. So hopefully, they took all that bad experience to learn from it and apply it to further franchises.



Quote from: Gentleman Death on Mar 05, 2022, 04:16:11 AM
What I meant was with how badly they handled the last few. So hopefully, they took all that bad experience to learn from it and apply it to further franchises.

I doubt that Disney have learned a thing and why should they?  They continue to rake in billions by producing milquetoast mulch for the undemanding masses.  Do you think Disney cares one iota as to whether or not you liked the Star Wars sequel trilogy?  All they care about is whether you paid to watch it or not (and enough people did for Disney to make a healthy profit off the back of it).

Mark my words, Disney will screw up Alien and beat the xenomorphic dead horse until it's nowt but a mound of acidic, pulverised flesh.  Why anyone would ever expect The Mouse to do anything other than act as the factory conveyor belt which produces safe, corporate, focus tested, tasteless sausages masquerading as art, is beyond me.

There's a reason why I refuse to give a single penny to Disney; I vote with my wallet and refuse to condone gutless creative bankruptcy, much less encourage the further stranglehold that a mega conglomerate has upon the film industry.  Sadly most people just bitch about the state of Disney's output, or their near monopoly status, whilst simultaneously paying for the movie tickets and subscribing to Disney+ and yet they wonder why Disney's output doesn't improve any...

Kane's other son

On one hand it's a bummer that new Alien movies will go straight to streaming with small(ish) budgets.
On the other hand, if this is turned into a playground for filmmakers who love the series to experiment, it could be good.


Alvarez can create some great tension, so I'm excited for a well executed scary film, but otherwise I really just don't seem to care any more :-[ Direct to streaming Alien movies just feels like such an end of an era.

judge death

IF it dont get released on physical media but stream only: Im not even gonna watch it.
Im the type who want to own the movies I pay for, not for a time limited license.


I will own it one way or another.


Oh well this is interesting surprise, not sure if the film is set to be a Remake or a soft reboot, hope it maintains some continuity, I just hope its competent at least, the consensus of main stream audience, critics n fans is there hasn't been an objectively great Alien film since Aliens, hope that changes.

Mr. Clemens

Whatever. If they put it out on blu-ray I might pick it up. I'll always have three orthodox Alien films. Maybe I'll watch Alien3 tonight...


Alien 3 is a perfect movie to watch for right now

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