Additional info as to the version(s) on the AVP-R 2-disc set?

Started by dimelives, Mar 03, 2008, 11:08:21 PM

Additional info as to the version(s) on the AVP-R 2-disc set? (Read 1,844 times)


Has anyone happened to catch a pic of the back cover of the 2-disc unrated? I want to be able to see on there if both the unrated and theatrical cut are in that set (as with AVP1's unrated DVD set, as well as Die Hard 4's).

I know we got info that the Blu-Ray will have both versions, but it hasn't been said about the standard DVD (as it NEVER is until the damned thing comes out). So, anyone gather that kind of info or find a shot of the back cover? Thanks.


ok ok....what i wanna know is this....the R2 avp2 unrated is a 2 disc set right,
the R1 avp2 unrated is a 1disc set.....why????
why is there 2discs for UK and 1disc for US?

and why is the R1 cover sooooo crap? is it just me? its terrible,like some cheesey b-movie.
the R2 cover is far better...for once haha

finally..will the extras be the same on both UK and US versions of the unrated?


There are three versions of the DVD for the US (not counting the Blu-Ray). There's a single disc rated, a single disc unrated, and a 2-disc unrated with bonus features. It's all here:

But that doesn't really have anything to do with my original question in this thread.



are u talkin R1 or R2 2disc sets?

if the R1 doesnt have both..u can bet yr arse the R2 wont either.


I hope to get this on Blu-Ray...


The R1 2-disc unrated set -- both versions of the movie like the blu-ray has (such as AVP1 2-disc unrated, Die Hard 4 unrated, etc.)? Or only unrated? Hard proof, please (such as a picture of the back of the box or something), not just assumptions from what we've all read.


if i get a blue ray i may get this but i probably wait till another one comes out with the deleted scenes.

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