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Legendary Encounters – An Alien Deck Building Game Review

I have just uploaded a review for the recently released Legendary Encounters – An Alien Deck Building Game from Upper Deck:

“The first thing to note about Legendary Encounters is that a Deck Building Game is so completely different to a Trading/Collectible Card Game. One of the biggest differences is that in you get everything at once with the DBG. There are other differences as well including the very core mechanic of the game. Instead of showing up with a pre-built deck, you start with pre-set basic starting cards and then recruit cards from the barracks to construct your deck. After each turn is complete you discard your hand and draw a new hand out of your deck. This continual cycle means that your deck is being constantly reshuffled as you recruit more and more cards.”

In short: an amazingly fun recreation of the Alien films in card game form! Be sure to check out my entire review. If you’ve got the game as well, feel free to let us know what you thought below!

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  1. Mr. Clemens
    Great review! Love the game. I totally agree about the inconsistency of the art, but found that the game is so fun I just roll with it.

    My set was missing two cards, but UD had them to me here in Toronto in two weeks. No muss, no fuss. :)
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