NECA Prometheus Series 3

Release Date: September 2013
Manufacturer: NECA
Figures: Holographic Engineer (Pressure Suit), Holographic Engineer (Chair Suit)

NECA Prometheus Series 3 is the final series of figures from NECA for the 2012 movie Prometheus. The series includes holographic versions of the Engineer – one in his Pressure Suit and one in his Chair Suit. Originally, Series 3 was going to include figures of Mutated Fifield and Shaw. They were shown off at Toyfair 2013 but NECA cancelled them in April 2013 for sales reasons. The Prometheus series of figures weren’t selling that well and Fifield and Shaw would have required new toolings. Instead, NECA used the existing moulds and released two more Engineer variants.

Official Description

Holographic versions of the Chair Suit and Pressure Suit Engineers in action figure form! Using a combination of translucent blue plastic and hand-painted decoration to achieve the look of “white noise,” the holographic projections of the Engineers from Ridley Scott’s sci-fi movie Prometheus make their action figure debut in this Prometheus Series 3 Action Figure Set! Both the Chair Suit and Pressure Suit Engineers are included in here in their holographic form as seen when the crew of the Prometheus discovers archival footage of what lifeforms were active on LV-223. Each figure measures over 8 1/2-inches tall and features over 20 points of articulation; plus, each Engineer also comes with an Ampule accessory which can be opened to reveal the mysterious contents inside! Both are contained in collector-friendly clamshell packaging. Ages 17 and up.

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