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Author Topic: Fangoria, anyone?  (Read 27630 times)

Bio Mech Hunter
Oct 24, 2007, 04:52:29 AM
Reply #315 on: Oct 24, 2007, 04:52:29 AM
"why the Preds wore the extra armor. It wasn't because of the cold,"

no, it was because Paul Anderson was trying to say predators like the preds in the original films weren't good enough to fight aliens, they needed more armor, and bigger weapons, he says so right in the docs, and its pathetic, he pretty much shits on the original predators, and I'm happy, that for whatever reason, that this predator has a more bare chest, and less armor on the arms and overall, because thats how the original predators were.

Um... no. The Preds in the first AVP were young, had limited experience, and were going up against the deadliest species in the galaxy as part of their right of passage ritual. So yeah, they needed the extra armor. Keep in mind it wasn't acid proof, though. They hadn't earned it yet. Anderson made a logical choice and it made sense for the plot of the film.

Veteran preds with a lot of experience would perform quite a bit better, but when going against aliens, if preds equip themselves as they were in the first two films would be HUGE mistake. It's a completely different ballgame than fighting humans.

Aliens or not god-like and neither are preds, but in the comics and games, all too often the preds are portrayed as such and the aliens as mindless insects that have strength only when in great numbers. Needless to say, both species are portrayed faithfully to the films.

and personally, I'd rather judge footage of these creatures from the films, as opposed to  screen shots, we have a trailer, no reason to judge off of screenshots, your living in 5 months ago if your doing that.

and the footage of both of these creatures looks great in the trailer, so I'm not comlaining about how off some of the production stills are...

Agreed. ;) This is all speculation based on what's been presented so far. True critiqueing can't come until we've seen it. :D

Flaming Firefox
Nov 13, 2007, 03:23:26 AM
Reply #316 on: Nov 13, 2007, 03:23:26 AM
I like the new huggers, the color really accentuates the fingers and the veins are a nice detail. AvP huggers looked good in flight, but that was it. They really looked sucky fake. Instead of being detailed on their bellies like the Alien hugger that actually was made of real animal parts they had a completely pink rubbery belly with detail at all. That and there breathing sacs didn't move. What crap.


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