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Author Topic: The Hunter/PREDATORS: BAD-BLOOD  (Read 213 times)

Oct 25, 2018, 06:37:41 PM
Topic on: Oct 25, 2018, 06:37:41 PM
Background info:

Hey guys! So, I like to film stop motion animations and write unprofessional scripts, my YouTube name used to be MrALIENSVSPREDATOR and I had around 2,500 subs before I got rid of my channel (You can guess the content)! I'm resurrecting my passion and working on creating my own parallel universe to the Alien versus Predator timeline where certain events coincide with each other-staying true to the known universe. Every film will connect, in some way, to the main AVP: The Stop Motion Movie. I'm simply calling it the RJTH AVP Universe. There will be a total of ten stop motion animation films I plan to release over the next few years (possibly eleven -as a bonus-). So far, I have it planned as such, based on priority, in case something happens and I can't get them all released:

AVP: The Stop Motion Movie (full length featured fan film) *

The Hunter (Predator Mini Series) *

Aliens: Rebirth (Short film AVP prequel) *

Predator: Untitled Prequel (Short film AVP prequel) *

Neurosis (Alien mini series) ^

Alien: Ascension (Neurosis short film prequel) ^

Predators: Bad-Blood (Short film/The Hunter sequel) *

Predator: Rise of the Hunter (Short film/Bad-Blood sequel)

Predator: Revenge of the Hunter (Short film/Rise of the Hunter sequel)

Aliens: Apocolypse (Post AVP events/Aliens Rebirth sequel)

Teumessian Files (Compilation of information on Yautja/Xenomorph species)

* = Script completed
^= Script in progress
(Blank)= Script not started

With that being said, I will introduce the premise of the scripts I am going to release to you all today. These are in their rough stages, but for the most part this is what will be developed on screen. I DO NOT HAVE FILM DATES YET.

The Hunter Information:

The Hunter will be a mini series with a weekly release. I have divided the series into Two Seasons. SSN 1 will have 7 episodes. SSN 2 will have six episodes. (13 total episodes). It revolves around a superior clan of Yautja that have been dated to be around 877, 900 years old (As noted by Teumessian Co. and referred to as the Comanche, Superior, or Apex clan, for their ferociousness). The main character is a Youngling known as Hunter. Each episode will show the history, lifestyle, and inner workings of the clan, as well as Hunters progress through the rankings by completing different Labors and Hunts. The goal of this series is to see how this particular clan operates, and how members become worthy of their ranks.

Predators: Bad-Blood Information

This short film will be only one part. It begins where The Hunter leaves off. Without giving any spoilers, it revolves around two rival clans who are about to enter a state of war.

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