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Author Topic: Team Saga Alien Galaxie/AVP Galaxie [PC]  (Read 853 times)

New Alien
Dec 17, 2013, 12:22:46 PM
Topic on: Dec 17, 2013, 12:22:46 PM
Hello everyone ! I'm new and a bit lost on your beautiful forum, (I'm french ) I come from partner ALIEN GALAXY SAGA site and I allow myself to players on PC ACM coming offer to join the team of 2 sites.

We all have trouble finding players to fight on Maps News . I propose to create a Team on my steam group to be able to better organize games on Aliens Colonial Marines. So it Relates : The Multi Campaign , Battle, Extermination , Evasion, Survivor , Gratitude, Désinfectation and DLC Pack Movie Maps and Stasis interrupted. If you do not have the DLC is absolutely okay, will have DLC off games. It Just sign up and join the group .

To join the group contact me via pm or member moderator and let us know your availability so that we can arrange in advance

Thank you to send me your usernames game STEAM so I can add you to the group so that you can see who is online and join the party in court directly .

Good luck !


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