Alien, Predator:The Black Timeline

Started by The One and Only, Mar 22, 2008, 04:54:40 AM

Alien, Predator:The Black Timeline (Read 849 times)

The One and Only

While not my creation, but the brainchild of a talented bloke by the ame of David Dunwoody, who went by the name of Thac for awhile on the old Friday The The man created a whole series of horror fan fiction on the further adventures of such franchises of Friday The 13th, A Nightmare On Elm Street and others. Two of which involvced a rogue Black Ops organization called Black Group trying to find a way to utilize these beings as weapons in the war on terror. You can check out Dunwoody's stories here.
The two stories that deal with Aliens and Predator are these.
Freddy Vs. Predator-The Black Group recovers the Queen Alien from the Anarctic Ocean years after the events of AVP. Utilizing monitoring equipment implanted in her by the Predators, the Black Group lures the Preds to a hidden base in Austrailia. Once there they use a secret weapon to kill the Predators who follow the signals fom the Queen. His name is...Freddy.   :o
Re-Animator:Black-the thought to be dead Dr. Herbert West has been found ,and forced against his will by the rogue Black Group for a project. They wish for him to manufacture a sizable quanity of his re-agent. A compound capable of reanimating the dead to aseembalence of life. The purpose is to use reanimated corpses as hosts for Alien embryos from eggs they collected in thier Austrailian operation. The whole operation is being carried out in a deserted New Orleans hospital. Deserted because of the oncoming hurricane. Also on the way, a swarm of Aliens who survived the destruction of the pyrmid in AVP, along with thier new Queen.

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