Neill Blomkamp's Alien never reached film

Started by The Old One, Apr 03, 2020, 04:08:15 PM

Neill Blomkamp's Alien never reached film (Read 16,182 times)

Immortan Jonesy

Quote from: Fiendishly Inventive on Apr 07, 2020, 01:26:56 AM
I imagine something to do with the Derelict.

Although there may be changes during the development of a movie, it's a little odd because it looks like Covenant is trying to get away from it. I mean the Engineers feel undermined in the sequel  :P


The blue man group got no love last time.


Blomkamp has directed no feature film since Chappie and has only been doing shorts. He was never the correct man to lead the Alien franchise to new heights. Im not saying that AC was a breakthrough though.


I'd really like to see Blomkamp's script for it along with all the unreleased concept art. I agree he was the wrong man for it, especially for the story and dialogue writing. He would have been great for the visual effects though.


Well, that's what screenplay writer is for, I guess


It would seem that Blomkamp likes writing his own stuff and only really works with his missus.


didn't ridley scott go as far as saying there was no script?

can hicks or sm confirm?


No idea.


I remember someone saying there was no script, just a detailed treatment or synopsis.



And who said that ? The man least interested in Alien 5 being done?

I'm sorry, I like the prequels but I think Ridley had a hand in burrying Blomkamp's project.


1) I don't remember, but I don't think it was Scott.

2) I don't think it's a secret that Scott was partially responsible for the project getting pulled.

Immortan Jonesy

Aliens is just as loved by fans as Alien. Actually maybe Aliens wins in that one. I wonder if Colonial Marines are the key in order to make these movies box office success. I mean, a lot of merchandising is based on this particular element of the lore. Prometheus had a decent box office, but it's not really an Alien movie, and its success seems to be due to a "perfect storm" so to speak.


Every movie in the franchise has been a box office success but only one featured colonial marines. Two films were "disappointments" -- A3 and Covenant. Even then that's because Fox didn't care much about international box office in the 90s (A3 actually made more than Aliens globally) and they hoped for more from Covenant.

We can stretch that to three disappointments with AvPR, which still turned a profit. AvP was the most successful Alien or Predator film on release.

So no, colonial marines are in no way the "key".

Immortan Jonesy

It's just that they seem to be very popular, but fair enough.


No doubt they're popular, they're just not a magic ingredient.

People wouldn't suddenly love Resurrection if the military had been the USCM, for example.

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