Aliens v. Predator - The Hunt Begins Miniatures Game

Started by Manchu, Oct 10, 2013, 03:38:58 PM

Aliens v. Predator - The Hunt Begins Miniatures Game (Read 427,385 times)


Working on a little skirmish set:



Skirmish homebrew game swarm is growing:

"Evolved Warriors", which fill an elite role and are ultimately, Warriors that can take more upgrades than the default ones:

First crack at making a Drone:

Corporal Hicks

I think that dome came out quite nicely there!


Very nice work cancerblack! The dome looks pretty clean. The red on the elite warriors reminds me of the 'cystic' warriors from AvP Extinction. Love it.


Thanks lads. More creatures coming soon, I hope.


I got a 3d printer so i can print minis i won't paint lol.


What kind did you get? I'll be in the market soon.

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