Do you find the Facehuggers to be scary?

Started by Aliens1986fanboy, May 05, 2020, 05:46:10 AM

Do you find the Facehuggers to be scary? (Read 9,556 times)


If they existed in real life I wouldn't like to encounter them


God, no. Get away from me you, little bastards !

Gr33n M4n

Kill it with fire.


No, I admire their purity. A survivor... unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality.


As a kid yes. Only thing in the series that ever made me have nightmares with.

Immortan Jonesy

This scene scared me when I was a child between 5 or 6 years old.  :laugh:

Plus, this one...


I had a nightmare where a facehugger crawled up from the space between my bed and wall. I was a wreck at bedtime until I was probably 13 or 14 lol. I saw Aliens when I was 6.

I had nightmares for a looooong time lol.

Nightmare Asylum

The Facehugger jumping at Kane makes me jump, consistently, every single damn time I watch the movie. Alongside the blood test scene in The Thing, which also always makes me jump, I'd say that there's an argument for it being one of the most effective jump scares in movie history.

Also, the scene with Ripley and Newt locked in the room with the Facehuggers in Aliens is so intensely unsettling and anxiety inducing.

So yeah... I find the Facehuggers to be scary. :D

Immortan Jonesy

The sound is superb.


Not to watch, but I wouldn't like to meet one in person

Immortan Jonesy

Immortan Jonesy

I used to be afraid of spiders.

Plus, the Facehugger looks like a skeleton hand from time to time.  :-\


I find the resemblance of a spider and no eyes very unsettling.


No I would like them as a pet :)


Literally the only scary part of Aliens (and that's not a slam, as Cameron never intended it to be a scary movie) is when that Facehugger jumps towards the camera in Ripley's POV. That part made me flinch back in alarm, last time I watched the movie.


Of course he intended it to be scary.

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