The Predators Pictures/Discussion Thread

Started by XenoVC, Apr 19, 2010, 05:06:55 AM

The Predators Pictures/Discussion Thread (Read 61,477 times)



I thought I could make a little safehouse on AvPG for all new Predators pictures to be posted in here and discussed,rather than having a hundred single threads for every picture.

If 'ya don't wanna go through all the text this thread may have,they'll be up in the Galaxy Gallery for your viewing pleasure soon enough.



I got an interesting picture to start with:

It's Royce - from footage of his character sneak-peek. He's holding some sort of axe while jumping away from an explosion or something.

While we can see a Classic Predator running past flames in the trailer as well, with:

[edit:]But this could as well be part of his clothing... the picture is kind of blurry after all.


It looks like a pickaxe.

He must be digging for predator gold.


Hey an Axe.....JUST like in the script. I hope people still dont think it was fake.

The Axe comes in handy later in the flick...:D


Nice scale illusion going on there. It seems that there's a smaller axe for the dude in the Predator suit, so when a human uses the (larger-sized) prop, it makes the Predators seem larger.

Otherwise there's two different axes in the plot.



thats not a ax on the predator, its the back part of his clothing that covers his ass!

But yes Royce is hold the ax from the film as he is running away from the flames!

Space Voyager

Cool mask

But what are those tusks from the jawbone?!


Quote from: Space Voyager on Apr 20, 2010, 08:24:57 AM
Cool mask

But what are those tusks from the jawbone?!

this has been answered before in other threads. the tusks are on the mask. that isnt his face, its his mask. the tusks arent attached to his jawbone, they are attatched to the lower mask.

Space Voyager

Well damn. Sorry, I wasn't sure about the tusks, they look somewhat of a biological origin so I thought they might have a... connection ;) to the Pred behind the mask.


But they are organic. This SP ripped them out from some poor creature and attached to his own mask to look more cool.

Space Voyager

Ah. Well, he succeeded.  ;D

And thanks for the explanation.


Most definitely


He is the Elephant-predator-man


Are they missing the mask connect wires ??Oh! RR too bad .....

Mike The Wolf

They finally figured out how to make them wireless.

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