In your opinion do you think Alien 3 killed the franchise?

Started by Aliens1986fanboy, Aug 29, 2019, 09:56:05 AM

In your opinion do you think Alien 3 killed the franchise? (Read 26,400 times)


Going into a nuclear reactor with no weapons, no rally point and no back up team also seems like a suicide mission to be honest. On top of wearing T-shirts. Maybe both are a bit silly.

Voodoo Magic

Neither on its own are the greatest examples of realism imo, but when it comes to hammy, action figure archetype, over-the-top exaggerated characters and cast... Predator wins hands down as it should be. Both the cast and characters in Aliens are much more grounded in reality than Predator in comparison. Of course, if we compare Predator and Alien, Aliens stands at the halfway mark. :)

Unfortunately following Predator 2, I've noticed a very slight change in casting trajectory in Predators, which became further amplified in The Predator, a path that has moved away from casting larger than life protagonist(s), in detrement to the franchise (imo).



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Yep.  Crouched worked okay, but firing while lying on your back looked very awkward.

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Yes, but good luck getting into that position quickly enough to avoid being shot.

Ok, I thought I remembered right but I wasn't sure. Laying down is a bit silly when you're thinking in terms of modern fire arms but I just suspend my disbelief and assume it can be fire effectively like that considering its tracking. The Smartgun may only fill a smaller support role (like the M249 vs the M240B).

I wonder if the smartgun is more like a "shock trooper"-esc weapon and is meant for small and quick engagements as opposed to larger battles.

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Or just throwing some incendiary grenades about.

There's also the notable goof that the Smartguns in Aliens and so many video games wouldn't actually be able to track the Aliens, because they have no IR signature - Predators can't see them with their normal sight and Dietrich looks right at one (whilst wondering aloud if they might not show up in infrared) just before the Hive ambush and doesn't see it.

You could argue in Aliens Vasquez and Drake are just spraying and praying rather than locking on, but in numerous video games at least the gun tracks Aliens flawlessly even though they should be invisible to it.

I actually hate the idea of the smartgun using IR/Heat to track targets because it quickly becomes useless in a place that's as humid and full of lush jungle and small creatures as say Vietnam. I've kind of always figured its "settings" can be changed based on the situation to track things of a certain/average height and weight and would refuse to target things with a friendly IFF.

Thats how I saw it in Life and Death anyways, other wise Rucker would be tracking the entire jungle if it was just based on movement or heat alone.

Local Trouble

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Quote from: Local Trouble on Dec 02, 2019, 10:11:31 PMIt's also possible that the smartgun targeting system has a motion-tracking component to it as well, just like the sentry guns apparently do.

According to the Tech Manual it doesn't. And that's really the only in-depth technical info we have on it.

The CMTM says a lot, but it also has mistakes.

The Old One

The Old One

As nearly everything does in this franchise.

Local Trouble


It had some odd timings in relation to deep space travel.


Local Trouble

I'm not sure I can read it now...


Yeah I'd give it a miss.

The Old One

The Old One

Everything has it's mistakes, even my favourites Alien, Aliens, Alien³ and The Cold Forge.


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Everything has it's mistakes, even my favourites Alien, Aliens, Alien³ and The Cold Forge.

Wait, what ? I'm really curious now !


After quickly checking my notes on the wiki page:

  • Dorian paints the Earth rise on the Moon, but the Moon's tidally locked so the Earth wouldn't "rise" relative to the horizon. (I guess it might just be stationary above the horizon, but the book specifically uses thew word Earthrise.)
  • The number of staff on the station is inconsistent. Early on there are 32, later there are only 22.
  • It says the sentry guns fire 10x24 mm. According to the Tech Manual they actually fire 10x28 mm, same as the Smartgun.
  • A bit like the staff, the number of Xenos in the kennels is inconsistent. Dick says there's 63; earlier Blue said she has indeed used up 63 eggs, but adds most of the specimens were destroyed or lost before reaching adulthood.
  • It refers to the Colonial Marines as USMC, it should be USCM.
  • When Blue finds Charles cocooned in the Hive, he knows about Dorian setting the Xenos on the survivors, but he wasn't there when this happened.
  • Dorian gets captured on one side of the station and wakes up on the other, meaning he somehow crossed the decompressed section without a helmet on his space suit. He can't have been taken through the vents because earlier on it's stated a person in a suit wouldn't fit. (Although I guess its possible he was Facehugged immediately, and that's what kept him alive on the journey. He'd still get some serious frostbite though.)

There's also the fact the kennels are painted entirely green specifically so the Xenos will show up clearly should they escape - but when they do get loose the area's flooded with red alert lights, turning the walls brown and completely ruining the effect.

(Disclaimer: The only reason I've picked up on so many slip-ups is because a) I'm a f*cking nerd, and b) I've read the book three times already :P)


Dorian may have painted Earthrise from orbit.

The Old One

The Old One

I genuinely think the staff number being inconsistent is an Alien³ reference, as Alex White is a self cited proponent of it.

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