ALIEN: Hope For The Future (FanGame)

Started by IIapagokc, Aug 11, 2017, 04:07:20 PM

ALIEN: Hope For The Future (FanGame) (Read 43,288 times)


Just joining and seeing this.  Very cool.

Corporal Hicks

I'm not sure what the last public build was but I've been trying to complete demo 2.2.6 for a while now and it's just absolutely killing me. This game is hard! He's already added in some limited checkpoints, but I just can't get to the end of it. I've fed back to him to have a simpler, not limited, checkpoint system. This Alien is harsher than Stompy! I've been trying for about 4 months or so and just being eviscerated.  :laugh:


Have you reached the point "f**k this shit, I'm out" ?


I've only just joined here today but must say this is excellent to see. And by a one man team :O

Corporal Hicks

Quote from: Kradan on Nov 08, 2020, 03:44:02 PM
Have you reached the point "f**k this shit, I'm out" ?

No, I keep trying, and I feed back to Alex.


Is there a way/place I can try this game still guys?  8)


Also be careful. D i s n e y are vicious in taking down related stuff to what they own. I've had a few bits of art removed from places since they took over Starwars and 2oth Century Fox. They'd go for a project like this.



I'm on the pstreon but couldn't find the demo. Anyone can help me?



The developer has very little time now, but as soon as it arrives, the demo will be rebuilt with new optimized models, better textures and new animations.

Alien - Hope For The Future (Demo 2.2.7d)

Demo with bugs and poorly optimized for Low-End PCs


Anyone have an update on this?


He updates the YT fairly regularly, still going along far as I know man.


Yeah, this game is brutal. Amazingly fun, but brutal. I can only hope that the developer can still work on it when he gets the time.


I like to see new Alien-based games. I wish you good luck!

[BAM] Yojimbo

Only just came across this, it's like a wet dream come true!!!

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