AvP PSP IGN Preview + Screenshots

Started by Darkness, Aug 22, 2007, 04:01:20 PM

AvP PSP IGN Preview + Screenshots (Read 1,532 times)



IGN have published an Hands-On Preview of Aliens vs Predator for PSP. Gives away some info about the game but says Sierra have still a lot to do as there were a lot of bugs in the game. IGN has also six new screenshots.

“A Predator ship hauling some mothballed facehuggers has crashed on earth, and you’ll play from the perspective of the Predator sent to clean things up. Of course, the ‘huggers have gotten busy all over a small Anywhere-USA town, and big bad aliens are crawling all over the landscape. What’s that have to do with the two factions getting along? When you land in the backwoods and find the ship, you also come across a bunch of mauled people…”


One picture shows the Predator on a gangway or a bridge, another in a factory, one outside Big Dean’s Superstore and two others are in a tunnel or something. Last one shows him outside a building with pipes.

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War Wager

Well, this confirms there will be a slaughter in the woods!    ;D   Plus it looks like the game will be out in November...    :-\  



That shot of the bridge looks pretty cool, eminds me of the trunk bridge from P1, not to much new info, but we know it's coming out on November, too bad I don't have a PSP

Corporal Hicks

Coolio. Some of those screenies are just the ones from the article though. But I'm liking the looks of it.


this looks kinda like predator concrete jungle

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