GamesCom 2019 - Opening Night - Predator: Hunting Grounds Footage

Started by Corporal Hicks, Aug 19, 2019, 06:02:57 PM

GamesCom 2019 - Opening Night - Predator: Hunting Grounds Footage (Read 10,414 times)


I meant the guys hunting the Predator in the Hunters comics. It's been awhile and I have yet to read the sequel so I forgot their name if they even had one.

Voodoo Magic

I never got the impression IllFonic would dive into the EU for the game, just the films, but I guess it's possible. It will be interesting to find out what they mean by "canon".

QuoteWhen we looked at this IP, it was really important to us that we stayed true to the canon already created in the Predator universe, but to also move it forward. It has been really great having everyone at Fox on hand to answer questions and riff and run things by. Especially since we have been given the unique opportunity that everything we make in this game becomes a part of the official Predator lore.

The Shuriken


Another soulless competitive multiplayer game. Another nail in the coffin for the Predator franchise. This not the type of game the series needs.


Wow, first gripe. Not one tree leaf moves in the entire trailer. Talk about attention to detail. I though tthis kind of thing was almost a built in mechanism in current gen games these days. ???

Voodoo Magic

It's a pre-alpha build for a game coming sometime next year.

I think it's only fair to give it time before casting judgment.


The team sounds passionate, and like theyve put a lot of hard work into it. Im not a stickler for sub par graphics as long as the gameplay is smooth and fun.

Just pray its not another gearbox fiasco. I think itll do decently well overall but will require the community to keep it akive if it doesnt come and go too quickly.

It wont be a blockbuster hit but will probably be average to slightly above average.

Games with these muliplayer designs dont tend to do well long term (evolve died fairky quick if i remember correctly and this is following its format mostly). But im hppeful and interested to see what will come of it.


Disappointed that the Predator is only in 3rd person.  :(
I disagree with their reasoning behind it as well. 3rd person may give you a more omniscient view around you, but they shouldn't remove the 1st person view just for that, AvP 2010's FPS Predator was my favourite part of that game. This is just an immersion breaker for me.

Corporal Hicks

Some new screenshots from the updated game webpage:

And a hidden one -

Immortan Jonesy

^ I love when they use ancient Mesoamerican temples. Sign me up!


All too familiar setting steeped in lazy nostalgia call-backs.


Is this 100% going to be released only on PlayStation?

Uncanny Antman

And is it some kind of online multiplayer only situation, or will it have a single player option?   That's a deal-breaker for me, so fingers crossed.


I'm cautiously optimistic. Looks like it could be good.

Corporal Hicks

As far as we know, PS4 exclusive and MP only. I'd have preferred something with SP too, but as long as this is actually good I'm perfectly happy to enjoy an MP game.


I've definitely lost interest if it's PS4 exclusive, hoping cold iron studios shows us something of the new alien game soon!

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