Alien: Solara and Charon. Alien fan audio dramas.

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Alien: Solara and Charon. Alien fan audio dramas. (Read 13,092 times)



Alien: Solara tells the story of the crew of the USCSS Solara as they're drawn into a war between monsters and the Humans who want to control them.

Charon, an Alien fan audio drama takes us back to LV-426 to uncover all its many secrets. And all the horrible things that should stay a secret.

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Now for interesting little Easter eggs and references in all the episodes.

In  Solara: Part 1:

Willin' by Linda Ronstadt is a nod to the abyss.

Twister is a nod to Bill Paxton, AKA Hudson. The movie exists in the same universe, though not canon of course.

Wey-yu commercial from AVP, a nod that the predator is also out there. The Weyland executive also mentions becoming the prey, not the hunters.

Midway station, the astral diner and Humans becoming energy beings are all nods to Stargate.

It's 2180, a little over a year after Alien 3, and my 200th birthday.

They fly an M-call star freighter, possibly the last one known to still be in use.

Plutus is the god of wealth, the planet Plutus is rich in gold.

Mr. Deckard. You figure it out.

"John" means Jockey. According to Wikipedia, the word jockey in the English language itself derives from the name John also colloquially used for boy, as cognate to the custom found in many Indo-European languages. This was actually meant to be a reference to the end of the series.

The events on LV-426 were covered up as an atmosphere processor explosion. No one seems to know the truth.

Milky goop should be obvious, it's what they used in the movies.

Bees man, bees have hives. But in canon there are no bees on Thedus as far as we know.

"Have not been to paradise" by Zoe Poledouris. Used in starship troopers.

The transmission is from a deleted scene from Alien.

In  Solara: Part 2:

They're space truckers, not colonial marines is what a character says. The crew of Nostromo were also space truckers.

Laser pistols were also in Alien.

Paxtonol-666 is the name of a chemical that can melt rock.

Disney and WalMart are rumored to be buying Weyland-Yutani. In resurrection, Walmart allegedly buys them. In reality, Disney owns Fox now, and therefore owns Weyland-Yutani.

The sprayer sound effect is the slime blower from Ghost Busters.

The Narcissus was repaired and sold cheaply. The Captain bought it as a back up. The Nostromo had two shuttles, only one functional. At the end of the story the Narcissus will once again be the only functional shuttle on an M-Class ship. With a badly replaced rear hatch because the scrappers didn't bother trying to open it before cutting it off.

A second Negan/walking dead reference.

The flute sound is just sped up from a piece of music, I couldn't get a clean sound of the flute from Prometheus.

In  Solara: Part 3:

The button sound effects are from Prometheus, as is the door sound effect. I just added a steam sound to finish off the sound effect.

A religious war? How would Deckard know? Because there was an unrecorded engineer line about heretics. He didn't record it, so I decided to move on without it. It was too late in editing to realistically fix it anyway.

As written:

Chiefs assistant: These holograms suck, I can't make out what they look like.

Monk: Secure the orerry. The heretics were traveling to their hidden laboratory to collect the prototypes. We must assure their destruction and all the knowledge of them. We must be prepared to lose our lives. The future of our children is once again in our hands.

The holographic recording ends.

John: I believe we can guess the rest of the story.

Mr. Deckard: Heretics and traitors. Maybe we witnessed a battle in some sort of religious war.

Now, you may not like how I depict the engineers and that's fine. But we needed to hear them since we can't see them. Also we go back to not being canon, so I took some liberties with the engineers.

The engineers refer to Eden, which is apparently what they called Earth.

Contact with the seeder ship was lost... because it crashed on LV-426 and transmitted a warning.

The blaster sound effects are from Star Trek.

The hologram sound effect is from Star Wars.

The grit gate is a reference to river of pain.

Jammed by Raspberry. SpaceBalls, anyone?

Mcguiness orders Bravo team to head 'em out. The marines from aliens are 2nd Battalion Bravo Team.

Colonel Doctor Paul Church makes his first appearance outside of a comic book, but my Church is not directly taken from the comics. He's only obsessed with the Xenomorphs, he's never had any actual experience with them. He'll do anything to acquire them.

Sgt Mcguiness is taken from Lt. McGuinness.

The drop ship is the same sound from aliens, there was nothing useful in the Aliens: Colonial Marines sound files.

Ramirez has half a bottle of Liquoremen's ol dirty Canadian whiskey is a reference to the trailer park boys.

The welder sound is the one used in ACM and thus Aliens.

I goofed and used smart gun pulse sounds, not rifle sounds. I just decided not to change it.

The Sergeant says no fire, why do they fire warning shots? Because I was impatient and wanted to use pulse rifle sounds.

Why does the Sgt have a British accent if he's a colonial marine? I never said they were united states colonial marines.

Why is Church kind of a dick? Because he is and has very little respect for the marines or anyone else.

Parasitoid? That's what a facehugger is called.

Deckard works for the company, why doesn't he know more about the engineers? He knows. He knows.

In  Solara: Part 4:

See you on the other side. The episode starts with the Cap and her daddy watching Ghost Busters, and ends with her telling the kid she'll tell him her first name on the other side.

M41A Pulse Rifle MK2 from colonial marines.

When the kid says Colonial Marines is one of his favorite games, he's full of shit. Colonial Marines is no one's favorite game.

Doctor Church mentions he has upgrades.

"Cheap obsolete electronics" references the Alien films being in the future, yet all of their tech is laughably obsolete by our modern day standards.

John mentions the "chosen one" who was killed. Ridley Scott implied the engineers introduced the concept of "Jesus" to Humans and was killed yet turned into a god. Making no sense.

Church talks about how inefficient Xenomorphs are as a species. If they really propagated the way they do, they probably wouldn't even exist. The engineers wanted to fix that.

The sarge reminds his soldiers they're not expendable just like the Captain tells her crew they're not expendable.

Deckard freaks out when he hears the word Xenomorph because special order 938 is always in effect.

The Zeus is a ship on the planet Plutus. Zeus is the sky and thunder god in ancient Greek religion, who rules as king of the gods of Mount Olympus. Plutus was the god of wealth in ancient Greek religion and myth. Plutus is rich in vast amounts of gold.

"This is tactically dangerous". That's what the T-800 told John Connor.

"I'll stay here and make spooky sounds". That's what a pilot says in Monster Squad as his co-pilot goes to see what made a noise.

They can be trained. Church seeks to train the aliens in the comics.

Xenomorphs continue to be afraid of fire for some reason.

They're only animals like Hudson said.

The Sargent has a Hudson level freak out while blasting away.

The pulse rifle sound effects are from colonial marines. There was too much BASS in the effects, but I could not remove it so sometimes they can get a little too thumpy.

"Ya don't say". We all know the meme.

Sentry robotic sounds.

"You stupid slag". I was watching Alien Nation as I wrote this. But the word has another meaning.

"Always wondered what your first name was". It's not that hard to figure out, and the whole crew should know it.

Stephanie kind of hits on herself because she plays the Captain and the prospector.

Post credits scene.

Bacchus Station provides luxury accommodations, nightclubs and bars, sports events, prostitutes, and many other things to entice its guests. And was in Space: Above And Beyond.

Chief almost banged a shemale and no one could tell the difference. A friend of mine had a similar experience and ran screaming from it.

In  Solara: Part 5:

The chief and Ramirez briefly discuss how their voices are different and that no one will probably even notice. Losing both people who originally did the voices had to be explained somehow. And no one will ever mention the voices being different anyway, which was a sad reference only I understand.

Gorman's sidearm sound effect. Someone was able to acquire it after I asked for it.

You can kinda hear a sentry gun firing.

Operations alarm in the background.

The Captain fires a pulse rifle much the same way Ripley does the first time.

"The three amigos", the prospectors and Jack are the ones responsible for the events of the series. The prospectors found the eggs, and Jack was stealing Gold that brought Deckard to Solara and then the rest of the events unfold.

I wrote the scene between the Captain with Stephanie in Mind long ago, but since we lost her that scene between our new Captain and the prospector lost its meaning.

A dual cassette boombox would be considered state of the art in the alien universe. In ours you can literally find them rotting away on a curb somewhere. Not far from where I live someone tried to dump what was at some point a very expensive boombox in the trash. But it never got picked up and no one ever took it. It's been decaying on the side of an abandoned building for years. So that's where I got the idea from. In the spring it gets covered with grass. In the fall it gets covered by the fall leaves. In the winter it gets covered in snow. You'd almost feel sorry for it.

Awesome mix tape.

Tarzan boy literally plays every time I shop at Kroger.

"She looks like a Stephanie". Was an obvious reference before she left.

when coming up with the idea for the 5th episode, I thought how cool it would be, if this were visual, with the crew gearing up while fox on the run plays. In my head the crew is all geared up, heavily armed and looking bad-ass as they head to the lift. I imagined the Captain had a sucker in her mouth and Church tried to slip away from the group only to be grabbed by the Chief and dragged back. This all takes place in slow motion. And the lift begins to descend as a certain part of the music hits. It doesn't quite translate to audio though.

No one stays behind to blow the bomb. I remember I was watching Armageddon when I was writing.

The bangs on the door are the same sound effect used in Stargate SG-1 when something would impact the iris.

Church doesn't say who's giving the orders. Foreshadowing something else I was planning but probably will never get to due to all the problems I've had with this.

Church mentions Hadley's Hope wasn't nuked because the processor air bursted. This was written long before Charon was even an idea.

The "nuke" is very important to the final episode.

Final performance by AJ Carter as John which is why he is mentioned as "was" in the credits.

Now that AJ is gone, the need to change the ending of the series is required. He had the first lines of the series, was to have the last. Losing him completely obliterated a very emotional ending I had planned.

I teased what would have been a continuation of the series after this ended when John talked about food and water on the engineer ship. This is no longer a possibility.

Our new Captain said Solara wrong. I did not ask her to do it again.

I did not ask our new Ramirez to record in better quality.

The major reason this took almost a year from the last episode was: Stephanie left to pursue her education. Absolutely no problem there. Another left for real life. And the rest because of money. Graham never left, nor did he become a diva. He even offered to do the credits for me even after I told him not to waste his time with this anymore.

We make sure to mention Fox is owned by Disney now.

Things I wrote that got cut out:

I wrote church offering a "5 day all expenses paid pass to Disney planet" as a bribe to the Captain, to which she responded with "I still couldn't afford it". Because Disney will never, ever be cheap. But I cut it out.

Originally the Xenomorph was going to grab the power loader from behind and Jack would scream about it trying to "mate" with him. But I thought it'd be funnier to have John punch it.

I wrote a scene with the chief and kid raiding operations and finding "Jalapeno cheese dip and Doritos". When I was a kid during Summer vacation my friends and I would guzzle Pepsi and eat tons of Frito's Jalapeno cheese dip and Doritos while playing video games damn near 24/7. It was a personal reference. Pointless otherwise.

In Mr. Deckard:

Ripley's debriefing at the beginning. This sets up the episode. But who were Deckard and the executive in the briefing? Use your imagination.

Glass of Malbec? The drink of choice of Dr. Reese in river of pain. It doesn't travel well.

The executive mentions the Nostromo was rerouted by some executives who knew it was a warning. Apparently the company did know it was a warning and sent the crew in anyway.

Priva son d'ogni conforto, the first Resurrection reference. Deckard enjoys it along with his signature cup of tea.

The second time Deckard drinks tea. Graham, for some reason, really liked Deckard drinking tea so I made a second nod to it.

"We've arrived at the river of pain". That's what Acheron is, and that's what it's called in Alien: River of pain.

FATHER, another Resurrection reference.

Father references sporadic Human life signs, one of which of course was Newt. He also lists off Hamsters and cows. Newt owned a hamster, and the marines in river of pain liked to go cow tipping.

Why Sulaco didn't scan for life signs? The Shinyo Maru scrambled them.

The Shinyo Maru was a ship of unknown class privately-owned by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. It was the second vessel that rediscovered the derelict ship on Acheron (LV-426) following the disastrous mission to Hadley's Hope in 2179. It was sent to ascertain the status of the Atmospheric Processing Plant. But I changed its history a little bit.

The draco double burner prototype makes an appearance. This suggests that even though Wey-Yu allegedly went under in the future, their influence was still everywhere.

Tire tracks and that crack down the side. Newt's families crawler, and the crack was how they got into the derelict.

It was raining on the planet suggesting events at the colony were happening at the same time Deckard and his team were at the derelict.

Dropped gear and critter bodies. In river of pain Newt's parents mentioned finding bodies. The dropped gear could have been from the other colonists who investigated and were face hugged.

The mapping scanner is just the motion tracker with a retro screen static sound effect.

"There are no children there". Deckard was wrong, there was one there.

Deckard terminates the contracts with the date Aliens was released.

Light-plus engines were mentioned in an earlier draft from Alien. In fact dialogue was lifted from that script.

The Merc is yet another unsung hero who prevents the aliens from reaching Earth.

"Have a good journey, Mr. Deckard". David told Weyland to also have a good journey.

We know that Deckard encounters an engineer ship again, why doesn't he remember the one on Acheron? Executive Carter tells us why. "All you need to remember is special order 938". All evidence of the "adventure" had to be taken care of. When he encounters the engineer ship, he literally has no idea he's seen one before.

"The full work up" is something we won't learn about until the very last episode of Solara.

Special order 938 sits between 937 and 939.

Why did I have Graham do Burke when you can clearly hear Paul Reiser? This was not really my intention, but more of a problem. I covered him up as best I could.

In Charon, part one:

Acheron is not a planet, it's a moon. But no one seems to get it right. No one wants to live on a moon, but those who should know it's not a planet should always refer to it as such anyway. This will be a long running joke.

AJ kept saying "Florina", so eventually we'll just say no one can get that right either, because some even call it Fiori 16.

Moon river sung by Louis Armstrong. It foreshadows Carter's fate of ending up on Acheron. Moon and river being appropriate because Acheron is a moon, and Acheron means river of pain. AJ suggested Carter be a fan of Armstrong.

Wakey wakey eggs and bakey from Kill Bill. Kylen says it to Carter as his cryo pod opens, much like it was done in the film.

AJ's audio for carter was not good at all, so I had to add reverb to make him sound like he was in a small room. He recorded with his friend, that's why his audio is different with her. He was moving at the time, so I didn't ask him to do it again. We're not making a penny doing this, so I don't ever want to pressure people for any do overs.

Kylen was originally going to be  British. She was to be a hard drinking ass kicking bang anyone she wanted type. The character was changed to a damaged Brothel droid.

The Merc on the phone was the guy who shot Morse on Fiorina, regrets not knee capping Ripley because it cost him his pay.

Wey-Yu bought another space station from Seegson, who are now long defunct apparently.

Scripted but not recorded: Carter originally was having a conversation with his secretary after the state of the company report. He talked about Wey-Yu ending up like all the old fast food franchises, bought out by Taco Bell for pennies on the dollar. This of course was a nod to demolition man. Carter also discussed Disney's low bid to buy Wey-Yu and that Walmart was currently out bidding them. This was a subtle nod to Comcast fighting Disney for Fox. During the fly over of the Hadley's Hope, I scripted Kylen spotting a Colonial Marines APC, to which Carter would have informed her there were Marines stationed at the colony. Both a reference to the abandoned APC from Aliens  and river of pain. Also originally scripted was as the transport flew away from the colony we'd hear the sound of what we'd assume to be a Human observing. I was actually considering making this person Hudson, who would have survived and ended up escaping the clutch of the alien. But this was beyond stupid, so I dropped it.

How the hell is this possible? How could the colony have survived intact? There was an easy way out of it being nuked by the processor. The company is, as we know, not all that concerned about peoples lives but they are concerned about their profits. Building weapons of mass destruction that would annihilate their investments didn't make much sense, so the engineers designed them to air burst in the event of catastrophic failure, or to chastise colonists who might get it in their heads that they didn't need the company anymore. So as they destroy themselves, they channel the energy up, not out. So what you got was an air burst nuke the size of Nebraska. This is also a way of explaining how anything could have been so intact in Colonial Marines, which is NOT canon in our story.

The storm shutters are sealed.

We learn Wey-Yu basically blamed Burke for the destruction of the colony. Especially in the commercial aboard Gateway. If you go back and listen to Mr. Deckard, Carter mentions that Burke could have done this from any functioning terminal if he deemed the colony un-salvageable. But didn't Burke know what would happen, did he have a plan to escape the concussive blast and radiation? Yes, he had a plan to gather specimens on his own, which Carter did not want, and encourage the recovery of the drop ship. It never made sense to me that them shooting their guns would cause such a disaster with the processor. So in our canon, Burke did get greedy, did set the processor to air burst and he did this in the hopes of encouraging a rescue attempt. The plan went well, till it all went wrong.

Charon takes place after Solara so when the CEO asks if the mines on Plutus are lost, we can assume something very bad happened there and severely damaged Wey-Yu's financial situation. But, no, they don't know aliens were involved. Carter doesn't know what really happened.

In Charon, part two:

'It's a planet. It's a moon. Whatever." A similar conversation happened in rive of pain.

Both songs used in the bar were used in another 80's scifi movie, Innerspace. In fact they were used in the same way I used them.

"I got that lovin' feeling." Is a top gun nod.

Hicks' shotgun sound effect in the APC.

Some say Vasquez's smart gun was tossed out of the APC, but I don't think so. And as I've said, we're not going with Colonial Marines canon so I left it in the APC to be found and claimed.

Kylen reads the same document that Bishop did in the med-lab.

They mention one of the facehuggers being decayed on an examination table. It's the one Bishop was fooling around with that's been rotting away for 2 years. I don't know exactly where he did that, but I guessed it was med-lab.

"I wonder if there's a bar around here." That's a nod to the bar sign you see at the colony.

Bay 14, section 31. If you know anything about star trek, you'd know article 14, section 31. Carter's mission is a covert one and highly classified.

McClaren is an obvious name drop, though no relation to the Ripley family.

The mercenaries find Newt's citizenship award picture in her hiding spot.

Henn, Weaver and Cameron are all mercenaries.

Why do I keep bringing up piss water? Because of Water World.

The gun sound effect is the one used in Die Hard 2. I didn't like the "Pop-A-Cha" sound from the first movie. AJ had a choice of sound effects to use including the Beretta from Lethal Weapon, he chose Die Hard.

Fun fact: The Beretta used in both Die Hard and Lethal Weapon was the exact same gun.

Shit sounds 80s. 1980s, not 2180s. Charon is based on Aliens, a 1980s movie and therefore takes much of it's nostalgia from it.

Elysium station is in orbit of Acheron.

Carter mentions the fate of the mercs from Mr. Deckard and how they ended up when their contract was terminated.

The scrolling text of the computer in med-lab is a staple of 80s movie and TV computer readout sound effects.

Wilhelm scream.

Smacking technology around till it works is always a tried and true method to get something to work right.

Yes, I know the APC was "wasted" but was it? Was it really? Or was it because it was scripted but the special effect they did never got put in?

"Nothing but rain" Whaddaya hear, Starbuck? Nothing but the rain, Sir. I was watching a lot of BSG as I was writing.

Didn't you know you can fry up half a city with a particle beam weapon?

Running a bypass to open the door.

Easier to clone than breed them. It seems in the future they had to clone one to breed them.

The Draco Double Burner makes a second appearance, it was in Mr. Deckard. Carter mentions the company owns them and that they are bulky and crude, unlike the slimmer and more advanced design of the future.

Carter kept the picture of Newt, it sits on his desk. It triggers him into an emotional meltdown.

Carter mentioned Newt could have been a school teacher. In case you didn't know, that's exactly what she grew up to be in real life.

The hologram on sound effect is just from a star trek game.

Kylen was badly damaged by a woman, not a man.

Yes, the NewtOgram is dressed like she is in the award picture.

Why bring Newt back at all? Because I never liked that she was killed off, that's why.

How can the NewtOgram have memories? In part 3 we talk about how the company monitored everything that went on there. Surveillance cameras and microphones were everywhere. The colony was their investment, they wanted to make sure no one was up to shenanigans that might cause them problems so they would record and analyze everything the colonists said or did without them ever knowing they were being spied on. The computer uses the vast amounts of data collected to make a simulation of Newt, though it didn't have enough of surveillance data on her to simulate a 100% accurate memory for her. For example, the NewtOgram doesn't have any memory of going to the derelict. Nor will it ever say "mostly" because events like that happened outside of surveillance monitoring. But she does remember most of the events of river of pain. And up until the aliens cut the power. After that, there was no more surveillance monitoring and the computer could not simulate memory for her. I now it's a stretch to explain giving her memories, but we all know the company would certainly spy on the colonists to make sure they weren't plotting anything that would harm the bottom line for them.

I hope so, for your sake. You should know where that's from.

More aggressive than a hungry cat. This more for me than anything else. My cat's a pain in the ass when he wants food.

In Charon, part three:

Newt speaks with a hint of British. As you may know, Carrie Henn had a British accent when she made aliens. Our excuse is the computer couldn't fully replicate her voice because of the way she'd say certain words and just made her sound more British.

Newt plays a short clip from Aliens, then she has no more memory because all of the companies surveillance gear blacked out because "they cut the power".

Turning into a steamed ham. If you ever watched the Simpsons, you'd know.

Doggo. This shouldn't be something people in a retro futuristic society would say, right? Wrong. Because the concept of a selfie exists in the alien universe, a character in out of the shadows wanted to take a selfie with a dead queen.

Carter drops 5/25/79. The release date of this episode and also for Alien in 1979.

Anthony may have been related to Tony Soprano, and is cut off by Carter before he can explain what happened to his family one day.

Cinnamon toaster pastries SUCK.

Pepsi Perfect, the future is now. "We've all seen the commercial" Not only a reference to Back To The Future, but to the fake commercial for the product. Apparently BTTF is canon in our Alien universe since Pepsi Perfect is still made in 2181 and is like tradition.

Carter tries to explain why the company was Weylan-Yutani for a while, but gets cut off.

Beat it, robot. This don't concern you. Another BTTF reference. 3-D says "Hey, beat it, spook. This don't concern you."

McClaren mentions a bounty on some terrorists who caused some trouble on Plutus. The crew of Solara, or someone has a large bounty on their heads, but Kylen reminds us it's all classified. Charon takes place AFTER Solara.

Kylen uses "easy street" to punish the mercenary for his actions. Negan did the same thing to Daryl. A mercenary also says easy peasy lemon squeezy, yet another TWD reference. We've used it several times.

Thanks to YouTube I had to change the song during the "dance". This actually works out better, the other song was slow, and didn't sync with the retro 80's vibe we've been going with in the series.

Carter lies through his teeth about what happened to Ripley and the Marines.

The actress who performs newt is not a child, she just graduated high school.

"Bit on the nose". McClaren is just mentioning the song is the beginning of a romantic story between them.

The mercs say "copy that". It's a thing in the audible dramas.

"I don't actually work here."

Fine Kentucky red-eye. Buford Tannen enjoyed this drink.

Part 3 marks the final performance of AJ and his friends. They will not be in any further episodes.

Updates as new episodes are released.

New release!

Charon, part 4.

Things are just warming up on Charon following the outbreak of V.A. disease. The quarantine is lifted, and there's a lot of work to be done.


How about some fun little trivia and references? Like always, there's plenty of it.

The opening scene was a screw up. Medical was supposed to come before Carter in the recycling center. I screwed up, didn't think it really mattered to fix it.

Kylen gets a new vocal modulator at the same time everyone else was getting new voices. Terra also voices our new Captain on Solara, she was gracious enough to agree to join up.

Some audio seems a bit low, but it's an unfortunately unfixable problem. Boosting lower audio sometimes blows it out making it distorted. I don't typically ask for people to do them again because they work for free.

We can only blame Mr. Carter for the outbreak of V.A. disease. I wrote this after our former cast member, to put it kindly, decided to leave the project. I was absolutely furious with him at the time. He destroyed the project as well as Solara and everything else we were planning. So I put the blame on his shoulders.

V.A. disease is short for "voice actors disease". I have never not had a voice actor disappear on me as if they died or were abducted by aliens never to be returned. Every time one disappears I just say they got infected with V.A. disease.

"Peace" was the last thing AJ said to me before refusing to respond to my messages or acknowledge me at all. So I responded in kind, not that he's even likely to listen to part 4 anyway.

Kylen wants to know why someone would want to cause so much pain and suffering on Charon. Another nod to our former cast member who nearly destroyed the project until I decided I would not allow one person to ruin it.

I wanted Kylen to have a cool gun of her own, so I decided to give her gun the sound effect of the Beretta from lethal weapon. It's also a real gun, not a hologram which is why you hear spent shell casings unlike the VP-70's in the gun range scene. She's also not quite as good a shot as Riggs is in lethal weapon. The whole gun range scene is a not to lethal weapon.

Do or do not, there is no try.

The music in the bar is "The Dance" from the battlestar galactica soundtrack.

Clip of Newt's mom is from river of pain, the audible drama. I've been concerned that would get me taken down so I tried to cover it up with music and paper shuffling.

"I can replace you if all you're going to do is bitch about money." I did just that.

Post-quarantine piss water. The voice may be different, but to McClaren it's still just piss water.

In the bar scene I couldn't find any drinking sound effects loud enough to use, so I didn't.

McClaren would rather shower in recycled piss water than Acheron's rain.

Newt remembers what happened to the Human Jorden's, but it's all fuzzy because of the monitoring systems lack of greater detail to program her with. She's already getting frustrated with not remembering things she knows she should. Carter has to continuously bullshit explain why she can't.

Dr. C. Forrester. A little to obvious to call him Dr. Clayton Forrester, don't ya think?

Maybe all the embryo needs is a warm place to mature and they can basically hibernate until they're in one. Who knows? But I made it up that the embryo just needed the Human touch.

Post credits scene tells us what happened to the mercenary Kylen locked up.

Kizzer Causewell originally only did the computer voice, but volunteered to take over McClaren and deepened his accent. He said he went too far from the other person, I told him it didn't matter.

NewtOgram says straight ahead and left.

Newt also doesn't think she has any kind of accent.

Same tool sound used in alien to cut up the huggers genitals.

The corpses of two characters from river of pain are discovered.

Christmas bloody miracle! If you've ever played team fortress 2, you'll get it.

Of course Dr. Reese made backups of his data.

The evac ship is gone because it was taken at the end of river of pain.

Scripted but not recorded.

A scene that further explores the events of river of pain.


Way back on Earth, the CEO of Weyland-Yutani is finishing up some mundane reports when he's interrupted by a door chime.

CEO: Yes?

A man steps in.

Investigator: I think I have what you've been looking for, sir.  Mr. Carter tried very hard to destroy his personal records, but we were able to recover some of it. Included is something very interesting. A copied audio transmission from the late Carter Burke.

CEO: No surprise. Burke served under Mr. Carter.

Investigator: have a listen to this, sir.

He places a tape into a player and plays it.

Burke (tape): This is a priority coded communication from Carter Burke, Weyland-Yutani special projects director, gateway station, June 12th, 2179. For urgent attention of colony administrator Simpson, copies to doctors Reese and Mori, Hadley's hope colony, Acheron, zeta reticuli system. Special order for immediate action. Priority: send survey team to investigate possible geological or structural anomaly at Ilium plateau. Coordinates 287.51 by 133.28. Advise urgently as to findings. Burke out.

The tape ends.

CEO: The Ilium range. Carter is interested in that area now as well. Anything else?

Investigator: Only a few scattered files could be recovered. Mr. Deckard was sent to Acheron a couple years ago aboard our missing FTL ship. He returned, the ship didn't.

CEO: What the hell are you up to, Carter? Go deep into company records. Look for anything involving Acheron, the Ilium range, anything. You have full clearance. Search the records, interrogate employees, do whatever it takes. I want to know what Carter's up to. And I want to know immediately.

Investigator: Yes, sir. I can tell you one thing about Acheron. Someone, maybe Carter, I don't know, also scrubbed a lengthy file of former employees of the company who were lost over fifty years ago. The crew of a lost hauler called "Nostromo". Acheron was mentioned quite a bit in it. I've got a man working on recovering it, but it could take a while to get something more readable.

CEO: I look forward to it. Back to work.

Investigator: Sir.

He leaves.

CEO: Computer, let's send a coded transmission to Charon colony, Acheron, Zeta Reticuli system.

Computer: Compliance.

CEO: Code 1123, 6536, 5321. Kylen, advise as to current intentions of administrator Carter concerning Ilium range, or further investigation of Hadley's hope.

Ominous music fades out.

Deleted scenes that were never sent to cast.

Instead of the gun range, McClaren and Kylen were to fly two-seater transports in a flying contest only to have Carter threaten to self destruct them before they got too close to where the derelict is supposed to be. They were going to fly as Rainey Haynes - Old Enough To Rock and Roll played. Referencing "the snake" in iron eagle.

The ship bringing the cargo from the company was the Almayer's folly, which was what The Betty was named originally. That piece of shit was even older than Ripley was. But I just decided not to mention it.

If you have any problems with downloads or the YouTube videos make sure to let me know.


Came out well.


"If you don't kill it, everyone here will die. All the Humans will die. That can't happen again. It can't happen here! I won't let it." - Holographic Newt.

Charon, part 5 coming this January.

Corporal Hicks

Glad to hear! Looking forward to it!  ;D


Due to personal reasons, literal life or death, I've not gotten anything done with the projects. Hopefully I'll be able to resume work on these and Bunnies project soon.

Corporal Hicks

Sorry to hear, man. Hope everything starts to look up soon.


All projects, including the follow up to bunnies project are indefinitely on hold. My gaming laptop is dead and all the files on it are probably lost.


Corporal Hicks

It's usually not the hard-drive that fails. Take the hard-drive out, so you can try using a dock when you get a replacement laptop. But that sucks mate. Sorry to hear.


Quote from: Corporal Hicks on Feb 24, 2020, 08:37:14 AM
It's usually not the hard-drive that fails. Take the hard-drive out, so you can try using a dock when you get a replacement laptop. But that sucks mate. Sorry to hear.

The SSD is fine. The computer is a lost cause. Can't afford a replacement.  :(

No more projects for the time being.

$1,500 down the drain.

Corporal Hicks

At least it's all still there when you can get a replacement. It's not a lost cause.


I have a very old backup now. It's a joke compared to my dream machine, but it was a gift from a true friend who can't see to use it anymore.

Windows 10  fresh install. It can run YouTube at 1080P, mech HD. No possibility of gaming though. Except emulators.It might get me back up and running though. I should have backups of all charon part 5 audio, but Solara 6 is lost. Way she goes.

Corporal Hicks

Is this off your actual laptop HD? Or another backup? Or did you not work off your laptop hard-drive?


Quote from: Corporal Hicks on Feb 26, 2020, 08:45:43 AM
Is this off your actual laptop HD? Or another backup? Or did you not work off your laptop hard-drive?

No. All my files were on a data drive, not an HD. The OS ran on a hard drive, all the important data on a separate storage. But it is in no way compatible with the clunker.

Is what it is.


On 4/26 administrator Carter comes closer to his prize than the company ever has, but will the holographic simulation of a little girl called Newt make good on her promise to stop what happened on Hadley's Hope from happening on Charon?

Part 5. 4/26.


Charon, an Alien fan audio drama. Part Five.

Administrator Carter is closer than ever to his prize, but will he crash and burn?



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