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Greetings, I don't have much hope of these questions getting answers, but I guess it's worth the try. I even tried to contact Nathan Cheever about it, since he seemed so friendly in that interview but, since he was just a developer and not part of the story group, he was only able to tell me that he had an idea for the Aurora to be the Betty, but the game was too advanced in it's development so that wasn't changed.

So, I will try to be as direct as I can.


As many of you already know, there is a continuity error in the marine campaign, at the end of level 3, "Betrayal", where we see the predator escaping for the same Pod we are in after releasing the predator and moving from one Pod to another when in the predator campaign we remain within the same Pod during the entirety of the "Unexpected Allies" level.

What is suppose to be the real/fixed/canon version of that?? I guess that maybe as a marine we see the predator escaping from another Pod and maybe the battle with Ivan happens at the surface. It would be a version with few modifications.


We never get to know what happened to that space-ship, and it's kind of important since it's a faster-than-light ship and that would add A LOT of value to it for everyone on the planet.

My guess is that everyone at the POC tried to fight over it and it ended up destroyed.

There is another question that might be mutually solved with this one, and that would be how the Iron Bears managed to get off the planet. At the end of the Predator campaign we get the confirmation that around July 2231 Dunya was kidnapping scientists at Gateway Station, which would confirm that the Iron Bears got out of LV-1201, but HOW? They didn't have a ship, unless... they got the Aurora.

Now, this is just a fan theory, but what if everyone at the POC tried to get their hands on the Aurora, someone managed to take it, they crashed back into the planet in the style of the Aliens dropship Bug Stomper, the Iron Bears found it damaged but not destroyed and lied to Eisenberg about it while fixing it in secret?

Were there more expansions planned but got cancelled at some point either before or after Primal Hunt and were we suppose to see what happened to the Aurora just like we saw what happened to Pod-5 in Primal Hunt? This is a very valid theory, I think, since we got to play in campaigns as a drone and as a predalien but not as a runner, just like we got to play as a marine and a mercenary but not as a guard nor a synthetic. But this theory might be as dumb as to ask why we don't see runners in any of the AVP movies (even despite having dogs in the second one).


I'm not kidding, there is at least one missing level in the expansion, and it's an important one. Between levels 2 and 3 of the predator, that's when the most critical events for the expansion should be happening.

We end level 2 getting out of Zeta Site, and we start level 3 already in the Pods. It was made very clear that the main reason for the xenomorph infestation of Pod-5 was the direct connection to the water-pumping station, but we don't see how the predator got through there.

This makes me think on something else: all campaings are suppose to have the same amount of levels, which means that if the predator is missing atl least one, then the mercenary and the predalien are also missing at least one.

EDIT: Speaking of Primal Hunt, why didn't the predators attempt to retake Zeta Site and the Artifact in 500 years??? I'm not gonna believe that this was just because the xenomorphs had a fierce defense of the place. The logical thing would be to think that there should have been multiple (maybe failed) attempts to retake it. Also, Zeta Site should have xenomorph corruption over the predator tech, just like certain parts of the POC after the Incident, it doesn't look like it has been abandoned for 500 years.


In one of the logs there is a mention to the Space Station Odobenus. Appart from the connection to Acheron because of the Derelic ship being what allowed them to find LV-1201, is that the only connection to the previous game?

I mean, this is suppose to be the second game in a series but there seems to be no direct connection to the previous one except for those two things. Does someone know why? It seems a bit weird.


I find this weird. It might not be weird, but I find it weird. Mostly because as a xenomorph we can see the red pheromones of other xenomorphs and as a predator we have a vision mode that allows us to see and target other predators.

Was this meant to be only for multiplayer use? Or were there plans to use this within the story?

Also, even weirder, there are a few logs that hint about xenomorphs attacking other xenomorphs. One is about when a xenomorph starts transforming into a praetorian, which alters its pheromones causing attacks by the Hive, and the other one is a theory impliying that the disappearance and/or death of the Empress would cause the Queens to fight each others, leading to war among the different Hives. But we never see any of that in action. In fact, we don't even get to play as a praetorian within any of the campaings.


Did we ever get any clue on that? We know that the Iron Bears got away with info about the predators, they are kidnapping scientists and one of the last messages of Rykov mentioned something about manufacturing a virus to kill the predators.

Maybe it was just supposed to be an open ending, but I find frustrating that this story has not been followed ANYWHERE, not even on some random comic. Unless I'm wrong about that and I just haven't hear about it.


Quick answer, Eisenberg being reckless. But seriously, appart of plot convenience, what's the real story behind that? Why was that choice made in the first place? Wouldn't have been more secure to have the Space Pods ON SPACE? Don't tell me about the water-pumping thing, Gateway Station runs fine while being on space, just like Odobenus and Sevastopol.

It's like swords in the back, looks cool but it's dumb.

EDIT: Also, the Pods seem to be able to communicate with the rest of the planet, as it's shown at the beginning of the Predator campaign when Rykov detects the arrival of the predators thanks to satelites and cameras. This happens after the Incident (fall of the POC, which is what makes them unable to communicate interstellary), but when the marines arrive they cannot (or just don't) communicate with the Pods, they don't even attempt to fly to it with the dropship despite this being something perfectly possible (as it's shown when the predator protagonist escapes). Since the marines are able to communicate with the Verloc while on the surface, being able to create the virus that deactivates the tunnels security (and accidentally also deactivates the Pods security, leading to the death of Dimitri and Dunya trying to kill Harrison), then I guess it's not an enviromental problem (like a storm blocking communications). At some point between the begin of the predator campaign and the begin of the marine campaign something had to happen (probably xenomorphs breaking stuff) that led to the disablement of local communications, completely isolating the Pods and making them unable to communicate with the Verloc once it arrives.


A note found in the marine level "Price of Admission" suggest that a synthetic might have gone psychotic and attacked a human. It's considered an error, but the man writing it has doubts about it.

I guess this is not a real question about anything, I just found it funny and it was probably just a funny log... BUT, I can't get off the feeling that they were hinting for something that got cancelled.

Remember what I said about the feeling that there was suppose to be a second expansion? What if the human campaign wasn't with a guard but with a synthetic?

That was all, I just needed to get all of that out of my chest. As I said, I don't expect answers, but who knows. At least I will give you something to think about for a while.

There are also some other things that I guess we didn't get for gameplay reasons, like not playing in the jungle as a xenomorph (not even as predalien) and not playing at the POC as a predator.

Then there are the, I guess, story-driven ones, like all the levels happening on the planet and not a single one of them happening out, not even in orbit.

Anyway, I will sit here waiting for an AVP game that lets me drive an APC and pilot a dropship while also letting me do parkour with the predator like if this was Mirror's Edge.

If you know about more AvP2 things that are unexplained, please tell me.

Signing off.



Interesting Topic, I will have to replay AVP2 but I will try to answer some of your questions if you are still on AVP galaxy.



Damn this was over a year ago and no one answered. Why not.

1- yea its an error.

2- huh haven't thought about that one.

3- the last level were really rushed, too much things happening in a short amount of time, some stuff in the timeline doesnt fit well. The aliens launched a full attack to retake the artifact but don't remember anything about the Ancient pred being resposible for letting them through.

Pretty much all predators involved in the Artifact thing died when their station was overrun, then the whole thing was forgotten, other predator clan didnt knew about it or the whole thing became a rumor.

4- that was an easter egg.

5- yea multiplayer only I think

6- We never got an AVP3 so yea it was an open ending that since Monolith for whatever reason never got a chance to make a sequel never went anywhere, because the companies involved in the rights, I dont think they would be able to make a sequel like in comic or something. They can't even get the game on steam because of it.

7- To do research its easier if you are on the same planet as the things you are researching, from space jockey ruins, specimens.

8- Hint at a possible android rebellion, some comics did stuff on it too.

One expansion idea was a sequel that would take place on Verloc, probably involving combat being Dunya, Marines and Predators



A level on the Verloc always felt natural, we even see quite a lot of the hangar in the opening.



Here are some videos that explain some of the lore of AvP2 more.

There are two playlists:



I can also answer the 8th question. A playable synthetic character was planned in the early stages of the game's development. It was later scratched as the story was rewritten.

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