Alien/Predator Novel Ideas You'd Like to See

Started by AdamBombOi, Nov 25, 2007, 05:17:04 AM

Alien/Predator Novel Ideas You'd Like to See (Read 1,189 times)


I don't know if this has ever been done before here, but I thought it'd be a fun idea with some former Alien and Predator authors visiting here, and to hear other ideas. So, if you had the chance to pitch an idea for a novel, what would you like to see done with either, or both franchises?

I for one would LOVE to see two bare bones Predator novels based on:

A) A small group of Samurai in feudal Japan being hunted by one very experienced Elder

B) I would LOOOOOOVE to see this come about; A group of savage Vikings from Oseberg, Norway are looking to raid land around the Baltic Sea, upon arrival, they are slowly hunted by a Warrior Predator - draw your own conclusion there.

Anyone else have any ideas?

Space Disc Jockey

Space Disc Jockey

I have been thinking of a AVP story that takes place, during the time of the fuedal Japan/Samurai.

The title of it is:

"Aliens vs Predator: Demons, Dragons and Warlords"

And I would like to see a Alien vs Predator or Predator novel that was about a female Predator, hunting.

Also, yes, a novel that involved the Space Jockeys.

There are some other ideas I have, other than my Aliens: Execution story and my upcoming, Terminator vs. Predator story  ;)



I would love to see a Predator: Origins. Dib and dab a bit into how they came about and possibily the home planet. A female hunter would be change for the better. Also a story of a hunter who commits the ultimate carnal sin and the price he'll pay.


Quote from: AdamBombOi on Nov 25, 2007, 05:17:04 AM
A) A small group of Samurai in feudal Japan being hunted by one very experienced Elder

frankly I think an unblooded nub would have no problem taking out samurai...shouldn't an elder be hunting more challenging prey?


Samurai were badass.  Their swordsmanship so great they had instantkill moves just drawing the weapon out of its sheath.  Swords that could cut through the stocks of rifles, and have been reported to be sharp enough to cut through telephone poles.  And a samurai's weapons weren't even meant to contact one another, all that parrying was for show in the movies, in real life good contest were decided by how quickly you could kill your opponent.  One of the top three samurai by kills and personal defeats got so good he adopted an oar as a primary weapon over the sword.

Assuming the pred didn't throw a hissy fit and start using its caster, I can see the appeal.  Especially with the whole Yautja vs Samurai theme. 

Personally I would like to see a situation where the authors go back to what made the first two alien movies successful.  Just pitch a story about a colony complex being overrun by the aliens.  No flying aliens.  No flying facehuggers.  No multiple chestburstings.  Just interesting characters you don't want to see killed off by the alien.


Man Kimarhi, you nailed it right on the head! Thank you so much for posting that, I don't know if I would have had the words to explain all of that, but that is EXACTLY the idea I had in my head. Nice one on one scenarios.


Glover held his ground with a disk against the Predators blades. I think a Samurai who along with the Spartans are considered the finest warriors the world has known would handle himself well against a Pred's blade.

Didn't the Elder Pred in Predator 2 have a long blade? He also had Raphael Andolini's 1715 gun.

Seriously the Preds have been on earth for thousands of years. The author has all of earth's history to pick a cool story. The future Predator novels should be held in our past. Predator's v Roman's, Samurai's, Witch-burners, Celts, American Civil War, American Indians, Spartans, man it really is a no-brainer for a good author to come up with a good story.



I would say there should be a novel taken place in a space station outside the Aliens' homeworld. There is a colony built on the planet; a military/science research facility. There is a headquarters, military bunkers, space traffic control, weapons/ammo storage, food/messhall and some other buildings. It has a 50ft containment wall errected all the way around the complex. Its heavily guarded with robot sentries and rocket launchers.There is a force field like a shield over it connecting to the walls. There is an underground laboratory and storage area down below. They have tunnels dug out and spreaded like a maze connecting to the caves under the ground that leads to the Alien hive.

There are about 150 military soldiers, 50 scientists, 25 company men, 10 androids stationed in the colony.

A reinforcement team under the command of Colonel Forrest, has been assigned to station at the colony for 6 months. They are provided with very little knowledge of their situation. They have been assigned to capture aliens and retreive royal jelly.

Later on, after accomplishing several sucessful missions, Colonel Forrest finds out how corrupted the corporation is.

He finds out that the company has been using prisoners who received life sentence without parole or the death penalty to be used as host for the aliens.

The general in command is heavily influenced with the company. He has become too greedy for power and wealth instead of being a true soldier to serve and protect his country. He has been "training" hundreds of aliens to learn to be obedient to human authority hoping one day to command an alien army to war. He also planned on shipping many of the alien specimens back to earth including a queen.

The military soldiers were really mercenaries who couldn't care less what happens. Now it's up to Forrest and his team to fight against this.


Predator- Hmm to think of something different. I would say the story takes place during the Spanish Colonization in South America in the mid1800s.

There should be a lot of adventure in this story. The Spaniards would come across finding a predator pod deep in the rainforest. It could be located near some ancient Indian civilization.

There could be a story of a band of Spanish treasure seakers looking for diamonds and golds till most all of them were massacred by the predator. The one that lived came to the Spanish colony to tell the tale.

Soon one of the Spaniards is killed and his body is found skinless. The Spanish men gathered together to hunt for the killer till they found themselves in a ambush losing some men and finally saw what the killer is, a predator. The Spaniards realized that they would need more than muzzleloading muskets, black powder pistols and swords. They began to set up all kinds of traps to catch the predator but instead the predator lured them into their own traps and traps of its own.

The ancient Indian Civilizations also have a lot of booby traps of their own before they died out. A lot of them are connected to the diamonds and golds. So somewhere towards the end of the story, the Spaniards and the predator have taken a dare to fight each other in the ancient Indian civilization filled with booby traps. The Spaniards would have a greater chance to kill the predator and to get the treasure.

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