Aliens Colonial Marines Gamer gathering 2014

Started by lucas.tanton, Feb 05, 2014, 03:29:01 PM

Aliens Colonial Marines Gamer gathering 2014 (Read 2,451 times)


Its been months since i last played A:CM and am looking to get "back on the horse"  None of my current online friends even own the game anymore so thats why im asking here.  I want to bring xbox gamers back to A:CM mutlitplayer for fun gaming sessions in 2014.  Anyone that is interested whether you have a mic or not please post you gamretag and lets get playing again.  My gamer tag is LucasDepeche   feel free to add me on xbox live.

John Stevens

Hey Marine!! I am up for a game TUSKY687787 add me and i will get back to you.
Good to find other people still playing. There is a (slight) resurgence on the Gearbox forums as well.


My username is freakzilladark on both psn and xbox live.

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