First Promotional Image and Logo Released for Prey

Started by Voodoo Magic, Nov 12, 2021, 05:21:33 PM

First Promotional Image and Logo Released for Prey (Read 7,358 times)


At least if this movie fails, as I expect it to, it will be isolated to hulu. It won't be the same public embarassement that The Predator was.

Local Trouble

No release on physical media?


Yeah. So maybe a young elder is in this. Maybe he gets double crossed like the spainish pirate did. 


I can not stress enough that fox tanked predator back with AVP. AVPR. Two thirds of predators and the predator.
Predator 2 is the last truly enjoyable one. If nimrod had more money and time i think that would have been a better film.


Predators wouod have been funny with the loonies teaming up with predators. Not what i wanted but still fun to watch. Instead of the mess we got.

The Shuriken

The Shuriken

Title doesn't work for me, but whatever. It's nice to get some solid info though. Can't really form an opinion on the Predator though. Not enough to make out.


Quote from: Sum-ting indoestrees on Nov 12, 2021, 09:28:12 PM
So a Predator movie where the Predator is gonna look weak and the child protagonist with primitive weapons will triumphant. I'm sorry, I just can't be excited about this 🙄
Since Predators, they've really castrated the Predator.

Its a sexual predator for the woke generation. Its budget is 50 dollars and you better like it. suck it up.


Imagine Predator being released today with those jokes. Nah it couldn't be. Would trigger too many people.


Bunch of easily triggered snowflakes in this thread  ::)


I honestly cannot wait! I personally believe that the streaming platform would most likely make the film more successful and I love the synopsis. If it were released in theatres, I honestly do believe it would be a box office bomb and then the Predator films would be even more dead. Back to basics!


This Hulu fiasco is a verry very very touchy subject which is basically an exercise in how the general public perceive the idea of buying into  streaming services to play their  just released theatrical content. I believe they are in a good position doing this as theaters in my region are still kind of empty and are not generating the  type of extra-economy (like foodand beverage) as they were thought to. So i think they made a good decision. if I can't go to the theatres and enjoy food and bev as i had before I would much rather invite my homies over for a pint at my place and stream the bitch on my big screen tv.

But then again, i never subscribed to streaming unless it were for a 30day trial period. So Hulu better make the trial period a reality as so far I only seen Amazon do it.


Good promo image, has a strong sense of mood. A dead horse in the foreground would sell it for me.Gonna pass my ticket for the hype train. I'll wait till I see it, gun shy to see who's behind the mask.

(Bad Blood)

(Bad Blood)

It says set 300 years ago now? But they also said earlier it was set before Europeans arrived in the new world, which was not 300 years ago. They also say it's the first time Predator came to earth so basically all of those stories from the past involving Predator (not that there were many stories set in the past) are now not canon, besides that and more importantly, now they have severely limited their story capacity, now they can only go as far back as 300 years ago in future movies, unless they retcon this one.


Hell yes looks great!


I hope you crybabies find peace


Hell yeah, really like that title! A nice way of having it call back to the original film without being super on the nose. And that artwork is nice, very moody and immediately lets you know the setting is going to be different this time.

I'm not really bothered about the streaming news since I've not gone to the cinema since the end of 2019 and can't imagine I will be any time soon. Plus we kinda knew this was going to be the case based on earlier word. Hell, if anything I'm happy I should be able to watch it in the comfort of my own home as soon as it's released (on Star in the UK I'd imagine) rather than having to track down an......alternate version before the Youtube thumbnails ruin it all.

Great to see it's finally out there in the public eye now. The hype is beginning to enhypen! ;D

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