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Alien Films / Re: Egg on Sulaco
Last post by Kradan - Today at 11:32:36 PM
Wow, that soon ? Can't wait
General Game Discussion / Re: Currently Playing
Last post by KiramidHead - Today at 11:21:45 PM
I've got what amounts to a sewer level coming up in Doom 3 and I ain't exactly hyped for it.  :laugh:
Alien Films / Re: Egg on Sulaco
Last post by Stitch - Today at 11:04:28 PM
Guess we'll find out in about 157 years
General Game Discussion / Re: Currently Playing
Last post by Stitch - Today at 11:02:18 PM
Quote from: Kradan on Today at 08:16:02 PMIf there was an option to record and post the audio of my scream full of joy I would do just that. These games are ridiculously great but unfortunately they never quite stepped out of the shadow of their bigger brother, Half Life. It's always that people discovered Portal through HL and never the other way around

I would love love LOVE a thitd game. But I would be also extremely worried if they announced it. It's been  more than a decade since Portal 2 and I suspect many people responsible for the first two games are not even working for Valve anymore or just don't have quite enough steam (heh). Also, Portal 2 had a very definitive ending. It would be hard for me to be won over by a Portal game that doesn't have Glados in it, she and Chell/player had such a beatiful dynamic, anything less than that would be a disappointment for me. Still, in Valve I trust, and I would be very optimistic for a new game set in that universe
Have I mentioned the Portal Stories mods to you before? One is a VR mod, which is pretty awesome. The other is a full on overhaul of Portal 2 with a new campaign, new puzzles, fully voiced Cave Johnson, and a few other bits and pieces. Check it out of you get a chance, it's called Portal Stories: Mel.
Option 3: No Predalien.
I want Snowflame in Season 2.  :laugh:

Excellent. Would love to have this up on the shelf, alongside The Suicide Squad's 4K release.
Alien Films / Re: 30 Days for 30 Years / 30t...
Last post by Kradan - Today at 08:38:39 PM
Tell him he still needs to sleep ! We can wait

Today at 08:41:39 PM

Quote from: Voodoo Magic on Today at 08:22:51 PMPerfection is not a slave to time!

(Basically, I don't know :) )

Than don't do the whole "30 days till" thing. :P "When it's done" would suffice just fine

Today at 08:46:13 PM

I'm sorry if I sound like an ungrateful asshole. I just was too excited for that episode coming out today
General Game Discussion / Re: Currently Playing
Last post by Kradan - Today at 08:32:25 PM
I would be perfectly fine if they don't do any more. Better be left on a high note than brought back for a mixed bag and Portal 2 was quite a high note
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