In your opinion do you think Alien 3 killed the franchise?

Started by Aliens1986fanboy, Aug 29, 2019, 09:56:05 AM

In your opinion do you think Alien 3 killed the franchise? (Read 27,626 times)


This franchise can never die simply because of the first two films. Terminator is the same. Terminator has probably had way worse sequels than Alien (IMO), but on the strength of the first two, they'll just keep making more.


I absolutely love Alien 3, I watch the assembly cut most and I'm at a point where I can pretty much recite the entire film but I still love watching it. I prefer the "explosion and aftermath" scene in the Theatrical version, it's longer and I personally feel worse as they walk around and collect the bodies.
Also the soundtrack is absolutely amazing.


Didn't kill it but didn't make it stronger either. It's pretty much the same for everything after Aliens.


I love Alien 3, but I do think it divided the fanbase.

Each entry since has divided the fans further.  It seems like the franchise walks away with fewer fans each time.

The only way major franchises like this can last is if they pander and play it safe like Disney does.

I think 3, Resurrection, Prometheus, and Covenant were all bold in their own ways and I love them for it, but as much as it pains me to say: Blomkamp's idea would likely have been a financial success.

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The essembly cut of 3 is my favourite after the first one. Aliens is an amazing movie when you are a kid but once you know every action beat the movie just doesnt have the weight and substance of 1 and 3 to sustain my interest.

I feel bad for Michael Biehn but 3 was a good ending for the franchise and Ripley.


I don't think Alien 3 killed the franchise, if anything it kept it going. Personally I don't like it, it was a bizarre way of trying to end the series but then again nothing in life is so clear cut and conventional. When you think about it, Alien could have taken so many different routes but instead 20th Century Fox decided to take a comventional route and continued the story with Ripley and her battles with the Xenomorphs. One route that I suggested a while back and I believe must have been on the mind of Neill Blomkamp as well for a possible Alien 5 is Ripley, Newt and Hicks return to Earth and finally deal with not only the Xenomorph threat but the source of it: Weyland-Yutani. This would have been an even more cliche overdone theme basically closing the series with a bang. The only thing unconventional about this concept is that usually in a conclusion, the protagonists return to the source but in this case it is not a place, it was a little explained entity in Alien and Aliens where we find all the answers we needed.


What kept it going really in the wake of Alien 3 was the comics.  Around the time of Alien 3, there was Genocide, Colonial Marines, Rogue, Salvation, Sacrifice, and Labyrinth.  On top of that there was the Perry(s) novel trilogy.


The only things Alien 3 killed were Ripley and the feel good vibe/insta family from Aliens.

I've long said the xeno's are space cancer. In Aliens, that cancer went into remission. There was some false hope of survival. Alien 3 saw that cancer return and for Ripley it was terminal. You don't truly escape them. Any extra time you get is hard earned and fleeting.

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In my opinion Alien3 didn't kill the franchise but was essentially the first wound and a bleeder at that, meaning it was the first of its installments to lose more fans from the franchise than it gained. The scales were tipped.

Quote from: Elmazalman on Aug 29, 2019, 10:28:03 PM
ALIEN & ALIENS was more than enough. Ripley got the happy ending she deserved. It should have been left at that.

I have to agree with Elmazalman even though there are things I like about Alien3.  After seeing how it and its subsequent Resurrection sequel has played out, as with Terminator, leaving it to the first two films was more than enough... at least for Ripley's journey.


She never should've survived, and she didn't.

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Quote from: Huggs on Sep 02, 2019, 06:25:51 PM
She never should've survived, and she didn't.


I don't think it killed it but it definately divided the fanbase.

I personally don't have a super issue with it and rate it about the same as the 2nd movie, but I know it rubbed fans the wrong way because there is all kinds of proof of peoples thoughts on the subject written at the time of its release in the back of the DH Aliens comics single issue editorials.  At the time almost ALL of them were negative. 

I even remember DH having a little comic guide telling about every comic released up to that point (I wonder how much that thing is worth now?  I can't even remember how I got it) and it doesn't take sides on what is a good or bad comic but it does randomly leave a line about how fans wanted to see Hicks and Newt alive at random. 


I've got that guide too.  It was attached to the front of SciFiNow magazine around the time of Resurrection's release.


That seems right actually.  Even though I don't have the magazine anymore. 

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