SEGA Announces New Aliens vs. Predator Game

Started by funcroc, Feb 11, 2009, 04:14:52 PM

SEGA Announces New Aliens vs. Predator Game (Read 12,660 times)


Well it might or might not be


I'm don't get why people want this new avp game to be like avp2...I thought avp2 was a big let down and in a way a step back from the first avp game...


In what way? The second game had better graphics and smoother gameplay.


Quote from: kaz_lara on Feb 23, 2009, 04:08:15 AM
I'm don't get why people want this new avp game to be like avp2...I thought avp2 was a big let down and in a way a step back from the first avp game...

AvP felt, however limited by the tech by then, more like a enjoyable techdemo than a complete game.

It's pro's:
-Unique character gameplay
-proper soundengine
-proper lighting engine (realtime per pixel lighting, 1999 baby!)
-atmosphere (though if I'd play it today, 2009, I find it too much Doom3, no lights that seem to really effect the surroundings and if they do, the whole atmosphere is gone)

It's con's:
-poor polishing of models, sounds, levels and what story?
-poor support/MP options (though coop was cool as hell), not really a problem seen it was made in 1999 and both Q3 and UT99 battled for best MP title...
-poor leveldesign (IMO)
-poor marketing

AvP 2 on the other hand felt more like a proper game, it had the story, it had the characters, there was humor and drama. It had polishing and more varied enviroments aswell as outdoor enviroments, without losing it's fearfactor. It had semi-pro multiplayer support (though limited in size and gameplay options, just like AvP99) and finally added mod-support to the community.

-complete game where all components had the same weight
-full and detailed storyline
-better MP gameplay/support
-variation in enviroment

-animation of characters
-stylized graphics/character design (Monolith was and to some degree still is notorious to clinging to conceptart)
-arena-like MP (something along the lines of RTCW: Enemy Territory would fit better, or at least be an option, just like BF2 type conquest)
-too scripted in SP, lowering replay value.

Both were good games, but it's 2009, we might expect something better today.


Maybe you should edit the original post like it says in the rules instead of making 3 seperate posts that could have been one...


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Space Voyager

Oh baby oh baby oh baby! I WANT!


I seriously hope it's more than a snippet...

Corporal Hicks

I edited your post so the link works, Croc.


It's probably just an announcement or the news of Sega's idiotic reshuffling, now putting AvP3 at the top.


I hope they give us something we don't already know.


Meesa drool on computer! Meesa a'wantin diz sh***********t!


Not sure where to put this. Sega mentioned AvP in an interview:

QuoteAliens Vs. Predator is a big name next-gen FPS. Could this be Sega’s answer to Halo or Call of Duty?

AP: We are really excited about this product. It’s a superb licence and we are working with a world class developer, so watch this space.

JC: There has been a great level of coverage in the press so far for this title since its initial announcement, which is really encouraging. Obviously we will be supporting Alien vs. Predator with a triple-A campaign.


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