So dang Happy this movie is out... and Oh the possibilities!

Started by episodenone, Jun 09, 2012, 04:04:32 PM

So dang Happy this movie is out... and Oh the possibilities! (Read 754 times)


so funny - even with my disappointment in the SW prequels -- i am still so happy they exist.

even though i have problems with the AvP movies -- i am still so glad they exist.

And I am glad for all the optimism i read in a lot of posts -- i am still so shocked that people can say they don't want a follow up for this or that or the other -- jeez -- we just got offered a pandora's box worth of future stories.

how can anyone say they don't want as many more movies etc made?

unless you are content with the hunger games and twilight - this damn franchise is totally underrated and all of you love it or you wouldn;t be here!!!

Bring on any and all sequels, prequels, predators 2, AvPvE -- I love it.  Stop being so negative!

Jeez - what else are you looking forward to?  Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter?

AvPvE -- Let's see more Bug Hunts!  Where do I buy myself a Weyland T-Shirt???

"Don't ruin my franchise" ??  Not one of these movies is sooooooooooo bad that the franchise was ruined -- and they have all aged-well in my eyes.

And some were downright awesome in a genre with so much flotsam.

Negativity ain't gonna get more movies made.

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