Aliens Epic Collection: The Original Years Vol. 1

Started by Retropocalypse, Mar 25, 2023, 08:50:45 PM

Aliens Epic Collection: The Original Years Vol. 1 (Read 1,103 times)


Hey all.

I've not seen a topic posted about it, so in case you were unaware, the Aliens Epic Collection: The Original Years Volume 1 is now available.

Not to be confused with the Aliens: The Original Years Omnibus, the Epic Collection has fewer stories but is far cheaper (trade paperback) making it ideal for collectors on a budget.


Glad to see they are releasing these quickly after the Omnibus. Looks like there should be eight volumes of this run, with Crusade coming out in the fourth volume... which is what I'm eager to pick up.

I haven't heard of any content that is unique to this collection.

T Dog

Does anybody know what the page size is of these compared to the original comic size?
I'm tempted to get the first Volume as I only have the old Dark Horse Omnibus that has "Billie" and "Wilks".

Then the volumes that I need are the ones that cover the old Volume 4 Omnibus as I could never get my hands on that one. I want to have Music of the Spheres, Stronghold and Frenzy!

T Dog

This video appears to answer some of my questions above!

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