• Rebellion: New Aliens vs Predator Game Could Happen

    Rebellion: New Aliens vs Predator Game Could Happen

    There’s a new interview over on DSOGaming with Kevin Floyer-Lea, who is the head of programming at Rebellion and also worked on 1999′s Aliens vs Predator as […]
  • Where should Shane Black’s Predator Sequel take place?

    Where should Shane Black’s Predator Sequel take place?

    So the question on everybody’s minds is where should Shane Black’s Predator film take place? Or even when should it take place? Past, present, or future? Well, let’s […]
  • Original Alien Cast Reprises Roles in Alien: Isolation DLC

    Original Alien Cast Reprises Roles in Alien: Isolation DLC

    SEGA and Creative Assembly have just announced the first pre-order DLC details for Alien: Isolation. The DLC will include two missions, “Crew Expendable” and “Last Survivor” which […]
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Aliens Returns to Dark Horse Presents For the first time in almost a decade, an Aliens story will be featuring in Dark Horse Presents, it has been announced: The story is written by John Layman and the artwork is being done by Sam Keith. It was also revealed back in July that these pair would be... [Read More]
Alien Vault Review & Interview I have just uploaded my latest review for the recently released Alien Vault: The Definitive Story of the Making of the Film: “So what can Alien Vault really offer us that previous books (there are a few more than the 2 I listed) can’t? Well, that’s an incredibly easy question: Passion.... [Read More]
Alien Vault: The Definitive Story of the Making of the Film Back in June an AvPGalaxy forum member discovered a new book coming out: Alien Vault: The Definitive Story of the Making of the Film. “Alien Vault reveals the details behind the making of the groundbreaking 1979 science-fiction horror film, one of the cult classics of the genre. This licensed, behind-the-scenes... [Read More]
Predators Prequel Comics Out Now! Last week saw the release of the first issue of the Predators prequel comic series and the second issues was released barely days ago. The final two issues are due out on the 23rd and 30th of June. Below are links to previews for all 4 issues: Predators #1 Predators... [Read More]
Predators Prequel Preview Dark Horse have just posted up a six page preview of the upcoming prequel series to Predators: Written by Marc Andreyko, David Lapham and drawn by Guilherme Balbi, Gabriel Guzman, the prequel series delves into the backstory of both Royce and Nolan. The first issue is due out June 09,... [Read More]
Dark Horse To Do Predators Comics Aint It Cool News has broken the news that long time Predator comic publisher Dark Horse is going to be publishing numerous comics for Predators: “There’s a reason all of our characters end up in the position they find themselves in, in the film. My character is a mercenary and... [Read More]
Sharp Talks Fast Track To Heaven Comic writer and artist, Liam Sharp, recently talked to Comic Book Resources regarding the upcoming novella he is creating for Dark Horse, Fast Track to Heaven: “The Aliens universe is quite convoluted so – given that my story is relatively short – I wanted it to be accessible to anybody,... [Read More]
Literature News Roundup It’s been sometime since I’ve posted anything up regarding the literature side of the franchise. I thought it might be time I post a round up of the news. A new Aliens novella has been announced: Written and illustrated by Liam Sharp, the comic is due out June 16th. Issue... [Read More]
AvPGalaxy Interviews Chris Warner We recently had chance to interview Chris Warner, the man behind the recent omnibus releases and the latest comic series from Dark Horse: “The most important thing was figuring out how we wanted to go about the re-launches, story-wise. Over the years, and through a variety of editorial pilots, the... [Read More]
New AvP Comic – Three World War Pictures from the San Diego Comic Con have started filtering onto the internet and of particular note to us Aliens and Predator fans is this one: It is from the Dark Horse section of the con and is the first we’ve seen to do with the Aliens vs Predator series... [Read More]
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