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Salvador Larroca Leaves Marvel’s Alien With Release of Alien: Annual #1 in June!

Marvel Comics has announced that following the conclusion of Alien: Revival, the second arc of Marvel’s Alien under writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson, with the release of Alien #12 in May, that controversial artist Salvador Larroca will be departing Alien as series artist with the first “giant-sized” Alien: Annual in June!

Alien: Annual #1 will serve as a prequel to Alien: Bloodlines, Johnson’s first arc, and revisit Bloodlines’ main character Gabriel Cruz – who Larroca based on his own likeness – to witness Cruz in action during his glory days.

To wrap up their first era on the title, Johnson and Larrocca will team up on giant-sized annual issue this June. ALIEN ANNUAL #1 will explore the mysterious tragic past of series’ hero Gabriel Cruz, revealing his original deadly run-in with the Xenomorph. 

Years before Bloodlines, Weyland-Yutani security chief, Gabriel Cruz, was a company man. His devotion to WY came first, no matter what the cost. But when the company decides to conduct a trial run experiment with a Xenomorph, will Cruz stand by and let innocent soldiers die?

 Salvador Larroca Leaves Marvel's Alien With Release of Alien: Annual #1 in June!

Cover art by Salvador Larroca

Alien: Annual #1 will also serve as a tie-in to Cold Iron Studio’s Aliens: Fireteam Elite. Talking about the opportunity to tie into the wider Alien continuity, Phillip Kennedy Johnson said:

“My mission statement for Marvel’s Alien has always been ‘make it feel like the films.’ But for this chapter, we had an opportunity to tie the films into one of my favorite games in recent memory, ALIENS: FIRETEAM ELITE. Since the first moment I played that game, I wanted to see Gabe in his prime with his fellow soldiers, face-to-face with xenomorphs and combat synths. That’s what readers (and gamers) will see in the annual: a chapter that belongs on the shelf alongside the films, but also alongside the beloved game that my fellow superfans have spent so many hours playing over the past year.”

Alien: Annual #1 is currently slated for release on the 15th of June. Alien: Revival will conclude on the 4th of May, and be released as a tradeback collection on August 9th (US/UK). As of writing there has been no news regarding Johnson or Alien’s third arc. Thanks to TilotnyWorshiper28 and AIPT for the news!

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