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Perfect Organism: An Alien: Isolation Companion By Andy Kelly Announced!

Andy Kelly, a British gaming journalist who has worked for Edge, PC Gamer, Vice, The Guardian, Kotaku, has today announced his upcoming unofficial companion book to Alien: Isolation, Perfect Organism!

I’ve been obsessed with Ridley Scott’s horror masterpiece Alien for as long as I can remember—and I mean really obsessed. Most people watched the movie and moved on with their lives, but the dark, claustrophobic corridors of the USCSS Nostromo, and the shadowy extraterrestrial horror that haunted them, never left me. I’ve spent decades devouring books about its production, poring over behind the scenes photos, set blueprints, and interviews with the cast and crew, and digging out every new scrap of information I can find. I won’t stop until I know everything there is to know about this movie.

I’m not alone. There’s something about Alien that makes obsessives out of people—including The Creative Assembly, a British development studio who, in 2014, not only created the best horror game ever made, but the best Alien game ever made. Inspired by the distinctive retro-futuristic aesthetic and oppressive atmosphere of the 1979 original, Alien: Isolation is a game I always dreamed someone would make. It was created by a dedicated team of artists, writers, and engineers—and, crucially, Alien superfans—who were just as hopelessly enthralled by the source material as me.

But why write an entire book about it? I can’t think of many games I could write tens of thousands of words about, but that’s what makes Alien: Isolation so special. From the art direction, AI, audio, and music, to the level design, user interface, characters, and locations, this is a game of remarkable depth, complexity, and detail. After multiple playthroughs and countless hours spent researching it, I’ve amassed a huge amount of knowledge and insight about every aspect of the game—and I want to share that with you. I’m just as obsessed with it as I am with the film, and this will be evident on every page.

 Perfect Organism: An Alien: Isolation Companion By Andy Kelly Announced!

Perfect Organism: An Alien: Isolation Companion is currently being crowd-funded via Unbound. As of writing, after nearly 6 hours 152 people have successfully funded 18% of the novel. For £10 you can get the digital copy of the book, and for £20 you can get the printed hardback.

If you head on over to Perfect Organism’s Unbound campaign page, you can find out more about the book and the other reward levels.

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  1. Nightmare Asylum
    "[...] and chart Amanda Ripley's story in the aftermath of the events of Alien: Isolation." This bit here doesn't exactly excite me. I'd rather see more of the page count dedicated to interviews with the game's devs than what seems to just be a recap of various Dark Horse/Titan stuff that's already out there (and not of any particular personal interest to me).

    EDIT: Here's the author:
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