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“Not In My Backyard,” Reviewing Predator: Turnabout – AvP Galaxy Podcast #142

We have just uploaded the 142nd episode of the Alien vs. Predator Galaxy Podcast (right-click and save as to download)! VoodooMagic is back for his debut episode of 2022 to join Corporal Hicks and RidgeTop in talking about Steve Perry’s 2008 novel Predator: Turnabout!

 "Not In My Backyard," Reviewing Predator: Turnabout - AvP Galaxy Podcast #142

In this episode we discuss the concept of a sniper vs. Predators, Predators vs. bears, how much Predator you need in your Predator novels, tension, the sequel short and plenty more!

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  1. Corporal Hicks
    Thanks for the kind words folk! :) If you're listening on a service that lets you rate/review the show, please be sure to also give us a comment and a rating on there. It helps with the algorithms that share the show with other folk.  :)
  2. Lost_Hunter
    Good pod guys, nice review. I remember liking this one when it came out, mostly because it was better than it's two predecessors. The setting and Sloane were my favorite part, thought the Predators went down too easy and it fell apart in the last act. I like the imaginary casting of TommyLee Jones, I saw Sloane as Clint Eastwood from Unforgivin. I think with some more Pred action, this would have been a good flick. Making me want to give it another read. Thought the sequel in if it bleeds was a nice bonus. I enjoyed the Predators having a relationship in that, just not the relationship. Could have been handled better with more tribal warrior speak. Anyrate good job guys, looking forward to the next.

    O yeah, I remember the Preds having some cool weapons in this. Didn't one of them have a glowing green blade?
  3. IrenLolt
    How tired! I do not want a space Indian, but an advanced race.

    No offense! The cult of the hunt, Doesn't match with this character!
    Having technology and living according to the primitive pattern? Seriously? :o  ;D

    I understand that some people like it.

    The Thomas brothers had the coolest idea. Why is the English-speaking audience not outraged? According to the Thomas canon, the Hunt was only entertainment. But not what started next for the sake of commerce. :'(
  4. Xiggz456
    Great podcast guys! Here's my review from a couple years back:

    Quote from: Xiggz456 on Jul 10, 2020, 12:22:08 PM

    Finished "Predator: Turnabout" yesterday and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Steve Perry really did a good job on this one and there wasn't one instance of Predator POV (which I prefer but considering his output on "AVP: Prey" I was fully expecting the Pred POV). The human characters were all believable and fleshed out and I especially liked Sloane. Surprisingly the Predators weren't in the story all that much but their presence was felt throughout which I found very refreshing. I also liked how the Predators were originally on a hunting trip for Grizzlies before humans entered the mix. My only complaint is I found at least two dozen typos which took me right out of the story (C'mon Editors!). So far the DH Press Predator books get better with each subsequent release and now I'm about to start the highly lauded "South China Sea".

    Since you mentioned 'Nam, there're several Vietnam war Predator encounters in the EU:

    - The Bloody Sands of Time
    - Recon (If It Bleeds)
    - Hunters and the Hunted
  5. Saith
    Overall, not a bad episode with some decent discussion here and there. Some of the criticisms do at least, I guess, mirror the approach that I am tentatively striking at with my own novella premise. Finding the balance between telling a story which exists 'outside' of the Predator scenario, while incorporating the very necessary element of 'The Hunt'.

    (For those interested, more details regarding my multi media project may currently be discovered in the Fan Fiction forum thread. I do hope to have this hundred plus page accomplishment available by the end of the year. A literature work of old school action, featuring original artwork and music!)

    Yet I digress, back to topic: I enjoyed the loose nature of this podcast and it would be great to see the discussion eventuate into 'South China Sea', of course should schedules permit.
  6. Kradan
    Although can I just say how much I dislike "The Hunter becomes the hunted " tagline ? I swear to God, I see variation of it put on every other Predator related media in recent years. It's like authors think of it as such a smart and clever twist on things while it gets painfully overused

    Quote from: Predator: Hunters #1 synopsisSpace aliens have been coming to Earth for centuries — but not with any message of brotherhood or peace. They're here to hunt the toughest, most dangerous humans they can find. Only now their former prey have teamed up against them. Predators, watch your backs!

    Quote from: Predator: Hunters III #3 synopsisThe Hunters compete in a game of wits with the Russians to find — and kill — the Predators. As they follow the Predator trail deeper into the treacherous jungle, they make a shocking discovery — there are two Predators! The hunters may become the hunted...

    Well, Corporal, your timing couldn't being better with whole gun-porn talk

    Something I agree with Voodoo (or whoever brought that up) on is that Perry bloody loves his characters thinking their backgrounds over and over. It's something I really struggled with re-reading Earth Hive/Nightmare Asylum novelisations where Hicks' stand-in kept thinking "oh I should've died way back when ooh blah blah blah ooooh I should've died but I didn't ooooooh blahblah" over and over and OVER
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