Alien Life Cycle

Egg Alien Life Cycle Facehugger Alien Life Cycle Embryo Alien Life Cycle

Chestburster Alien Life Cycle Adult Alien Alien Life Cycle Queen Alien Life Cycle

Hybrid Creatures

Newborn Alien Life Cycle Predalien Alien Life Cycle Runner Alien Life Cycle

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  1. @Predator Legend (Scar) They wrap their tails around your throat so your body automatically opens your mouth so you can breath. The facehugger then puts its proboscis in your mouth delivering the eggs into your chest and supplying you with air long enough for them to implant the egg.

  2. 1. Adults have stages in this order

    2. The Predalien and Runner are not hybrids. A true fan would know xenos get DNA from the creature they burst out of. The Predalien is from a Yautja while a runner is from a quadruped such as a dog or an ox. The Newborn is the only hybrid here.

  3. What about pretorian Aliens??? Didn’t even know it existed until a friend told me this morning.
    Have been reading about them and yes they havnt been featured in any movie, but we do see them in the Aliens vs Predators games.
    As a MASSIVE Aliens fan
    I think you guys need to put that into the evolution of the Aliens, from drones to warriors to Pretorians to finally Queens

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