• <h2>Neill Blomkamp Shares New Alien 5 Concept Art!</h2><span class='featuredexcerpt'>Director Neill Blomkamp has shared a brand new piece of concept art for Alien 5 on his Instagram account. This one shows Ripley and Corporal Hicks with […]</span>
  • <h2>AvPGalaxy Interviews James Bushe & Simon Rowling (Predator: Dark Ages)</h2><span class='featuredexcerpt'>In June 2014 the team behind Predator: Dark Ages started their Kickstarter campaign to fund their vision for a Predator fan film set in the Medieval times. […]</span>
  • <h2>Director Vincenzo Natali Shares His Predator Pitch Artwork</h2><span class='featuredexcerpt'>Director Vincenzo Natali (Cube, Splice) has been sharing lots of artwork this week from old projects – one of which happens to be Predator. He revealed (#1, #2, […]</span>
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Alien Anthology ‘H.R. Giger Tribute’ Blu-Ray Set Get a load of this set. To celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Alien, 20th Century Fox will be releasing a 9-Disc H.R. Giger Tribute Alien Anthology Bluray set. It includes the four Alien films, the two Anthology bonus disks, Prometheus 2D & 3D and its bonus disk. Extras include Alien: The... [Read More]
AvPGalaxy Podcast 08: Prometheus Blu-Ray It’s been sometime since we released our last podcast but coming into 2013 and we aim to be back into the swing of things and as such, here is our first brand new podcast! Episode #8 includes an interview with Charles de Lauzirika, the producer responsible for the Alien Quadrilogy... [Read More]
Alien Anthology Reviews While not officially released until tomorrow, review copies and early copies of the Alien Anthology have found their way into hands of many people. Below are some of the reviews written up so far: The Digital Bits review Total Film review DVD Beaver review IGN review Screen Jabber review Rope... [Read More]
Empire Reviews Alien Anthology Movie magazine Empire has reviewed the upcoming Aliens Anthology set in their latest issue which is on shelves now: It’s a 2 page spread and a positive review. No definitive score on the complete set though, rather reviews on the individual cuts and a 5/5 for the extras. You can... [Read More]
New German Alien Anthology Trailer Fox Germany have just released a new trailer for the Anthology set: It shows off the new interactive menus and the MU-TH-UR mode.  Thanks to AvPWorld for the find. [Read More]
Alien Anthology in DVD & Blu-ray Review The Aliens Anthology has been previewed in DVD & Blu-ray Review magazine: It features a 6 page summary of the behind-the-scenes on the Aliens series and a 5 page preview. They talk to producer Charles de Lauzirikia about the set, covering the Aliens remaster, Fox censorship, MU-TH-UR and more. I... [Read More]
Alien Anthology Menu Images Over at the official Alien Anthology Facebook page, they’re released a couple of pictures of the menu: Thanks to RidgeTop for the news. [Read More]
Alien Resurrection Blu-ray Previews Home Cinema Choice have wrapped up their previews of the Aliens Anthology set with Alien Resurrection: Looking at the galleries, it seems like the special edition versions of the movies have definitely been redone but I’m unsure if the theatrical releases have also been done. Either way, it’s looking amazing.... [Read More]
More Alien Anthology Previews Home Cinema Choice has been continuing its release of preview imagery from the Aliens Anthology. They officially released Aliens yesterday with Alien 3 coming online today: You can check out the rest over at Home Cinema Choice.  Dark Horizons have also posted a comparison article between the Aliens DVD and... [Read More]
Alien Anthology Images Released Home Cinema Choice will be releasing previews of each the Aliens Anthology set this week, film by film. Officially they’ve only released the Alien previews but the Aliens ones can be found on their website: You can see the links to the Aliens previews in our forums. The rest will... [Read More]
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