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Updated: Second Walter Focused Alien: Covenant Viral Released

Another Walter focused piece of Alien: Covenant viral marketing has been discovered on the official Alien Anthology Twitter page. Like the previous Meet Walter video, this new video is only short (15 seconds) and features some of the same shots. “I am Walter. The new member of the Weyland-Yutani family.” #AlienCovenant pic.twitter.com/m8TAk6ub0E — AvPGalaxy.net (@avpgalaxy) March 9, ... [Read More]

See How It All Began – 20th Century Fox Teases Tonight’s Alien: Covenant Sneak Peak

Ahead of tonight’s Alien: Covenant sneak peak attached to the 3rd episode of Legion, the Alien Anthology Instagram page has shared an album that includes some brand new stills from Alien: Covenant. ” See how it all began. Tune in to @Legion_FX on @fxnetworks TONIGHT to see an exclusive #AlienCovenant sneak peek. Swipe to see more.” …See How It ... [Read More]

Alien: Covenant Teaser Trailer Now Online!

The Alien: Covenant teaser trailer is now online! The agonizing wait is finally over. After several days of teasing with production stills and unexplained numbers, the much-anticipated trailer has finally hit the web! This trailer is one of two that we know were screened to the press earlier in December. The embargo on the Showcase 2017 having now lifted, we’ll have ... [Read More]

Michael Fassbender Shows Musical Skills in new Alien: Covenant Production Still

Michael Fassbender shows musical skills in new Alien: Covenant production still. It’s a new day in the Alien: Covenant teaser trailer pre-release week and you know what that means! Another production still courtesy of the Alien Anthology social media accounts, this time of Michael Fassbender with a piano. Those of you who read our exclusive report about Guy ... [Read More]

It’s A Bloody Aftermath in Latest Alien: Covenant Production Still

Feast your eyes on this bloody aftermath in latest Alien: Covenant production still! It’s another day in the run up to the release of the Alien: Covenant teaser trailer and 20th Century Fox are treating us to another production still via the Alien Anthology social media accounts. 224612072104 The previous theory regarding the cryptic numbers being a countdown in ... [Read More]

See Alien: Covenant’s Engineer Architecture in New Production Still

See Alien: Covenant’s Engineer architecture in new production still. The countdown to the teaser trailer continues with yet another production still and numerical hint via the Alien Anthology social media accounts! 185612082104 We’re likely seeing inside an Engineer Juggernaut or more likely inside the Citadel that has been seen in previous leaked set pictures. We mentioned previously ... [Read More]

New Alien: Covenant Production Still Shows Covenant’s Cryo-Storage

New Alien: Covenant production still shows Covenant’s cryo-storage. The countdown to Alien: Covenant’s trailer continues with the Alien Anthology social media accounts releasing a second new production still of the week, this time of the Covenant’s cryo-storage area: 130112062104 The capsules look noticeably different from the various cryo-chambers we’ve seen throughout the Alien films. Back in August, ... [Read More]
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