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Alien Loses A Legend: Writer, Producer David Giler Dies At Age 77.

It’s with great sadness that we have to report that legendary Alien series writer and producer David Giler has died at the age of 77. Deadline is reporting that David, one of the fathers of the Alien franchise, died on the 19th of December at his home in Bangkok due to cancer.

 Alien Loses A Legend: Writer, Producer David Giler Dies At Age 77.

Walter Hill and David Giler at the premiere of Alien 3.

While David’s contributions to the cinematic landscape were numerous, to our community David is known for his instrumental work on the Alien series. The dramas involved in the making of Alien all aside, without David there would be no Alien franchise for us to still be here celebrating over 40 years later.

Along with his frequent collaborator Walter Hill, who together formed Brandywine Productions along with Gordon Carroll, David would serve as producer for the original Alien trilogy, perform rewrites on Alien and help salvage Alien 3’s script.

Long-time friend and collaborator Walter Hill had this to say about David’s passing, as reported by Deadline:

“If you knew David, you knew he was special. The magic of his personality is hard to describe: funny, angry, extremely knowledgeable, extremely well read; it was my privilege to write and produce with him, and more importantly, to have his close and deep friendship for nearly 50 years.”

Following the saddening news of David’s passing, Alien historian and Alien Quadrilogy/Anthology producer Charles de Lauzarika shared his experience interviewing David on Twitter.

David is survived by his sister Kendall Giler. For Alien fans, the impact of David Giler cannot be understated. Fortunately David will continue to live on through his work and Alien fans will forever be grateful. Thank you David.

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Comments: 32
  1. Capt. Dallas at Thedus
    Give Godspeed,David Giler.He also wrote The Parallax View-Fantastic 70's Conspiracy Film with one of Warren Beatty's Best Performances.God Bless & Rest In Peace Mr. David Giler:)
  2. Whiskeybrewer
    #F**kGiler shall be retired from this point on.

    It was always said in jest about how i felt his attitude was in the Alien Anthology Documentaries. But without that attitude certain things wouldnt have gotten done for sure.

    But this was a shock when Kiramidhead told me. Damn
  3. judge death
    PRoducer of aliens dies, now David Giller who made alien, aliens and saved alien 3 and is one of the people who actually knew what alien movies should be and did so much for the franchise, 2020 sucks big time now, RIP David Giller :(

    OK My theory of SM was David giller is now out of the question xD
  4. Nightmare Asylum
    I doubt anything will ever come of that "Alien 5" concept that Hill and Giler wrote a 50 page treatment for (Sigourney Weaver didn't even read it, last I heard), but it would be neat if that concept hit online at some point, at the very least, so we could see what their ideas for the film were.
    He was primarily involved in the making of the first 3 films, with Resurrection and the two Alien vs Predator weren't involved paid off and given producer credits, this applied to Gordon Carroll before his passing in 2005. There some more involvement with Giler and Walter with Ridley Scott on the prequel, if I'm mistaken correct me, dunno if the script he and Walter came out with for their Alien V would be utilize, never the less an amazing contributer to this series is no longer with us and is now amoung the stars.
  6. 426Buddy
    That was a bit unexpected, no words... :'(

    He was attached to that recent Alien 5 script so I figured he was doing alright. 

    RiP David Giler, this franchise would be vastly different without your work.
  7. Corporal Hicks
    Rest in peace, David. All the drama making Alien aside, without him we wouldn't have the series, it's that simple. He is one of the fathers of the franchise, and he'll be missed.

  8. Kradan
    Without him we wouldn't be here today.

    Without him Alien wouldn't be a sci-fi horror classic

    Without him James Cameron wouldn't have directed one of the best sequels ever made

    Without him Alien 3 wouldn't have turned out the way it did - the way many fans love it for nowadays

    And he was opposed to making Resurrection

    I love his low voice

    What a man
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