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New AvPR UK Reviews

There’s a couple of new UK AvP Requiem reviews. The first is in the News of the World (There’s also a scan of the newspaper article here.) and another one on Empire. Both are very negative and they give it 1/5.

The box office totals so far are $40,081,000 domestic and $36,536,503 foreign giving a total of $76,617,503. Lastly, if you’re in the UK, switch on to FilmFour tonight. They’re showing Alien at 9PM, then a five-minute AvPR preview at 11:10PM and then Predator 2 at 11:15PM. Thanks to kcirtap33 for the news.

Update: More reviews at TotalFilm (2/5), TimOut (1/6) and Manchester Evening News (2/5).

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