• Rebellion: New Aliens vs Predator Game Could Happen

    Rebellion: New Aliens vs Predator Game Could Happen

    There’s a new interview over on DSOGaming with Kevin Floyer-Lea, who is the head of programming at Rebellion and also worked on 1999′s Aliens vs Predator as […]
  • Where should Shane Black’s Predator Sequel take place?

    Where should Shane Black’s Predator Sequel take place?

    So the question on everybody’s minds is where should Shane Black’s Predator film take place? Or even when should it take place? Past, present, or future? Well, let’s […]
  • Original Alien Cast Reprises Roles in Alien: Isolation DLC

    Original Alien Cast Reprises Roles in Alien: Isolation DLC

    SEGA and Creative Assembly have just announced the first pre-order DLC details for Alien: Isolation. The DLC will include two missions, “Crew Expendable” and “Last Survivor” which […]
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Alien Isolation is an upcoming survival horror game developed by Creative Assembly and published by Sega. Keeping reading AvPGalaxy for all the latest news and rumours on the Alien Isolation game.

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Corporal Hicks is from the UK and is a Global Moderator on the forum. He is also a newsposter, interviewer and novel reviewer for the site and handles public relations. Corporal Hicks has worked on many AvP websites over the years. He originally made a website in 2003 called AvP World. He became a newsposter for AbsoluteAvP a few months later. He eventually abandoned AvPWorld in 2005 to work on AvPNews. He also started a web comic called AvP: Ancient Trials. In May 2006, he left AvPNews and eventually started working on AvPGalaxy in November 2006.



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AvPG Interviews Tim Lebbon I have just uploaded an interview AvPG conducted with Tim Lebbon, author of the upcoming Alien novel, Out of the Shadows. It is episode 13 of the AvPGalaxy Podcast: I’d like to thank Tim Lebbon for joining me and discussing his new book. A transcript of the interview with be... [Read More]
Further A: CM Content Petition Some of you may have seen this, some of you may not have but I’d like to bring this petition to the eyes of all our readers. Several members of the Aliens: Colonial Marines community have started a petition to ask Gearbox to create more content for A:CM. “As such,... [Read More]
AvPG Reviews Fast Track to Heaven & Prey I’ve just uploaded two new reviews. The first is of Aliens – Fast Track to Heaven, a comic novella written and drawn by Liam Sharp and one of Aliens vs. Predator – Prey, the Steve and Stephani  Perry adaption of the original AvP comic series by Randy Stradley: “From the... [Read More]
Recollections of Alien Jon Sorenson, one of the miniatures effect artists on the set of Alien, has created a website called Recollections of Alien. The website includes a collection of his photos from the set and his own personal recollections (as per the title of the website!): It’s a fantastic read and there’s... [Read More]
Strange Shapes Interviews Ian Whyte AvPGalaxy staffer Valaquen also runs his own fantastic Aliens related blog, Strange Shapes. He has just posted up a brilliant interview he conducted with Ian Whyte: “Then I met Ridley one rainy Sunday afternoon in Pinewood and quite soon after I met the casting director for an official audition. Without... [Read More]
AvPG Podcast #12 Goes Live A new month is here and I’ve just uploaded the 12th and latest episode of the AvPGalaxy Podcast: Join AvPG Staffers RidgeTop and I and community member SiL as we discuss the various Aliens/vs./Predator comics and novels. We share our favorites and we talk about the ugly ones (expect a... [Read More]
A:CM DLC Night Because of how successful our last Aliens – Colonial Marines DLC night, I will be hosting another night Saturday the 10th at 8pm GMT. We will be using the Reconnaissance and Movie Map Packs. If you haven’t already, add my gamertag cplhicks2310 and tell me you’re here for DLC night.... [Read More]
Prometheus Comic Announced I recently posted this article stating that it looked like Dark Horse would be introducing Prometheus elements in the Aliens expanded universe. Well it looks like they’ll be doing an entirely new Prometheus series: The above is a piece of sample artwork created by Paul Tobin and Juan Ferreyra (the... [Read More]
AvPG Podcast #11 Released What is this?! Another episode of the podcast merely a month after the last release?! Shocking, I know, but I’ve just uploaded the 11th episode of the AvPGalaxy Podcast: This episode is a bit of an experiment as Dachande, RidgeTop and I attempt to host a podcast about Aliens –... [Read More]
Shadowland Retrospective on Alien American sci-fi and horror magazine Shadowland is currently running a retrospective of the Alien series in their latest issue: “Shadowland takes a fond look back at the ever-popular Alien franchise, exploring the atmospheric horror of the original, all the way to the camp action of Resurrection.” Shadowland is a fantastic magazine that... [Read More]
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