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Aliens: Colonial Marines Pre-Order Content Trailer

Gamespot has just released a new trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines showing the pre-order content for the game. The video shows the previously announced movie character skins including Pvt. Hudson, Pvt. Drake, Cpl. Hicks and Sgt. Apone. Ripley”s flame-thrower also makes an appearance in the trailer.

You can watch it below or download it here.

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  1. SM
    Seen this on the gamestop website today, Ripley's combo gun looks alright there, maybe the trailer one was a prototype.

    Still odd that they swapped them around.

    maybe it's an homage to the continuity error or some shit.

    Considering the rest of the 'continuity' I can almost believe that.
  2. FightFinda
    Just had a look then, he looked a bit better in the cutscenes but not too good in gameplay.

    @9th Stew: This isn't Crysis, you're setting yourself up for disappointment, my friend. I do think he'll look better than AVP's version but I think it will still leave a few people with a firm facepalm or at least a "Huh?"
  3. 紅い悪魔
    *Looks at Hicks's face* JESUS!!!

    How is that supposed to be Ripley's flame-pulse-f**kYOU!-rifle? I didn't know Megatron's Fusion Cannon was thrown in as DLC?!  Pitchford been stealing from Transformers and Highmoon studios as well?!   ::)
  4. predxeno
    I'm still disappointed that the pre-order content contains nothing new; just stuff already included in the Collector's Edition box set.  For those who did order that box set, we're getting nothing new (not like with AVP2010).  Also, does Ripley's flamethrower include a Pulse Rifle as its secondary weapon (like in the movie), I'm thinking not but it would be awesome if it was.
  5. FightFinda

    - Hicks: "MARINES, WE ARE LEAVING!!"

    Actually its "Drake, we are leaving!".

    Haha, I stand corrected, duely edited.

    Maybe after alien 3 they find Hicks' body (he wasnt thrown in lava) and reconstructed his head with a life size GI Joe.
    ...and Pitchford removed his johnson just to make it "authentic"...
  6. FightFinda
    ^^^ That last post made me lmao.

    I also find it amusing that Hicks decided to stick a rusty old can of paint on the end of "ripley's flamethrower":-

    - Hicks: "DRAKE, WE ARE LEAVING!!"
    - Me: "I don't f*ckin' blame you, you ain't doing shit with that".
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