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Alien Trilogy Coming To Blu-Ray

Horror news website Bloody-Disgusting is reporting that Fox is currently working on Blu-Ray releases for Alien, Aliens and Alien 3. Each film will be released in a ‘new special edition set’ with new special features especially made for the Blu-Ray editions.

“We learned of some very interesting news that has me jumping for joy. We discovered that Fox Home Entertainment is currently working on brand new Blu-ray releases for Alien, Aliens and Alien 3. Each film is said to be released in a new special edition set with brand new special features made just for these releases! The only concern I have is Fox’s lackluster Blu-ray releases, where the quality looks like a simple up-convert as opposed to a brand new transfer (see Predator, Commando, Donnie Darko and numerous others).”

No news on Alien Resurrection as of yet and no release date is mentioned. Considering it’s Alien’s 30th anniversary this year, I suspect the Blu-Ray editions will be out at some point in 2009.

Update: The Digital Bits is reporting that the ‘entire Alien Quadrilogy’ including Alien Resurrection will be ported over to Blu-Ray. The complete set with all its features as well as new Blu-Ray features. Fox are reportedly aiming for a Late 2009 release.

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