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Predator Trilogy Out Now in 4K Ultra HD (Review Roundup)

The Predator Trilogy is now out this week in the UK and the US in 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray! You can buy Predator or the Predator Trilogy on either or (Individual releases for Predator 2 and Predators still seem to be absent). The reviews we have so far have been quite positive which I can attest to – I’ve seen all three movies in 4K now.

Let’s start with the original Predator which was first released back in 2008 on Blu-Ray. it wasn’t the best transfer but it retained a lot of the film grain. Two years later, Fox followed it up with ‘Ultimate Hunter Edition’ – Fox heavily used digital noise reduction to get rid of all the iconic grain from the movie. Some fans liked it while a big majority hated it. Rest at ease, in the new 4K release the grain has returned. As expected with HDR, the colours are much more vibrant, the jungle is a lush green, explosions are bright and punchy. It is the definitive release of Predator.

 Predator Trilogy Out Now in 4K Ultra HD (Review Roundup)

The 4K release of Predator 2 is just as good as the first. Grain has returned again. Colours such as the Predator’s vision modes and glowing green blood are much more energetic. But wait until you get to the end and see the Predator spaceship. The orange highlights are striking.

Lastly, the Predators 4K release is probably the most disappointing – not because it’s bad but because the 1080p version was already decent enough. Sure you’ll get more detail but it’s a pretty grim looking movie to start off with despite the jungle setting. It’s also hard to get excited about this transfer when you didn’t really enjoy the movie all that much. :-/

 Predator Trilogy Out Now in 4K Ultra HD (Review Roundup)

Still, if you’ve already got a high end HDR TV, getting the Predator Trilogy is really a no-brainer. Even if you didn’t like Rodriguez’s Predators, the first Predator has never looked so good. I still consider Predator 2 to be the best Predator sequel we’ve had – it undeservedly gets a lot of stick but Fox delivered with its transfer. The only disappointing aspect of the releases is that none of them get a Dolby Atmos track – instead settling for the original DTS-MA track we already had. Also note, that most of the special features are on the included Blu-Ray discs which are carbon copies of the discs we already had.

Review Roundup – Predator (4.5/5) – Predator 2 (2.5/5) – Predators (3.5/5)
HighDefDigest – Predator Trilogy (4/5)
The Digital Bits (Positive)
Forbes (Positive)

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