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Alien Trilogy Coming To Blu-Ray

Horror news website Bloody-Disgusting is reporting that Fox is currently working on Blu-Ray releases for Alien, Aliens and Alien 3. Each film will be released in a ‘new special edition set’ with new special features especially made for the Blu-Ray editions.

“We learned of some very interesting news that has me jumping for joy. We discovered that Fox Home Entertainment is currently working on brand new Blu-ray releases for Alien, Aliens and Alien 3. Each film is said to be released in a new special edition set with brand new special features made just for these releases! The only concern I have is Fox’s lackluster Blu-ray releases, where the quality looks like a simple up-convert as opposed to a brand new transfer (see Predator, Commando, Donnie Darko and numerous others).”

No news on Alien Resurrection as of yet and no release date is mentioned. Considering it’s Alien’s 30th anniversary this year, I suspect the Blu-Ray editions will be out at some point in 2009.

Update: The Digital Bits is reporting that the ‘entire Alien Quadrilogy’ including Alien Resurrection will be ported over to Blu-Ray. The complete set with all its features as well as new Blu-Ray features. Fox are reportedly aiming for a Late 2009 release.

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  1. Rudy M Alapag Jr
    if though i may wait for the Alien collection with the Alien spin-off as well. So, that might become a whole collection like: Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien Resurrection AND Alien spin-off. All in one box.
  2. Rudy M Alapag Jr
    well JK, Siggy and Ridley thought about a Alien spin-off which  it wil talk about more of Ripley. The chronicles of Lt. Ellen Ripley and not about the Aliens themselves. So, there's no A5. So, now the 2 of them are "NOW" hinting on starting on the movie right now. IT'S ALL ABOUT RIPLEY. According on the last month of December 2008.
  3. davebhamuk
    Dont ever complain about anything Fox does as a studio if your going to buy the Alien Quadrilogy again just because its in HD. This is just another double dip or triple dip.  It would be fun to see just how grainy Aliens looks in HD.
  4. Cellien
    YES.  I already got my other favorite movie series Terminator in HD, now I will finally get my all-time favorite series in HD as well.  I know what I'm asking for for X-Mas from the wifey!!!! :D
  5. Rudy M Alapag Jr
    my father and my brother DON'T have Blu-Ray Hi Def players nor Blu-Ray movies, so there's no way for them to get Blu-Ray DVDs @ all. Way too much. But my cousin-in-law has one though but i don't think he's getting Alien, Aliens and Alien 3. It would be cool to have one.
  6. Keyes
    I was just gonna say Fox seem to produce very well put together DVD sets, but seem to skimp right over blu-ray. I would hope that treat the Alien films with top quality respect.  I wonder what new features will be on there? As someone pointed out, theres quite a bit more Alien3 stuff they could put on there, that they didn't have the time and budget to add first time round.
  7. Alien Genesis
    If FOX does this right, puts in the TIME and MONEY and EFFORT to make this release the VERY BEST IT CAN BE, then I will fork over my hard-earned cash.  If FOX does what it USUALLY does, which is to produce outstanding regular special edition DVD sets, only to follow them up with substandard Blu-Ray sets, then forget it.  I will never forget how disappointed I was in the Blu-Ray release of "The Day After Tomorrow."  The regular edition, two-disk set, was awesome.  FOX followed that up with a stand-alone washed out version on Blu-Ray.  The hell?  Do it right, FOX, and earn yourself some good will.  Lord knows you sure could use it.
  8. Bio Mech Hunter
    Oooh. The entire Quadrilogy, eh? That's a relief.    :D     ;)   I hope they proceed with a clean transfer. Then again, this is Fox we're talking about, so the level of quality might be questionable.   :-\  
  9. F161
    There was quite a bit of deleted footage that was left out of the Alien 3 quad workprint.  Some of this footage can be seen in the bootleg workprint - other scenes have never been seen outside the studio, but are known to have been shot.  As someone else has pointed out above, the Alien 3 documentary was cut to peices, and never presented as it was originally conceived and intended by the Quad's DVD producer.  So, as far as Alien 3 is concerned, there is still lots that hasn't been seen. Bring on the Quad Blu-Rays!
  10. AcidGlow
    I think we have seen all the unseen/uncut/deleted/directors cut/special edition scenes we will ever get.. there can't possibly be more in their vault.. really.. The Alien quadrilogy DVD set is enough.. I wouldn't even think of getting this new Blue Ray... the quality is practically the same..
  11. wjkoemar
    .....Now, however, we CAN confirm that our industry sources have informed us that Fox's current plans call for not just the first three films, but the ENTIRE Alien Quadrilogy set to be ported over to Blu-ray Disc for a late 2009 release. This would include all four films in the series - the complete set will all extras - and likely new material created exclusively for the Blu-ray release as well. We understand that the work is still on-going and (as always with these Rumor Mill posts) all of this is subject to change. But with a little luck, the Quad set should make its debut in 1080p before the year is out.
  12. oranjeman
    Fox better spend the funds to really rematers and restore and clean up ALIEN, ALIENS and ALIEN 3, with new bonuses and etc.  because, they will incur the wrath of the hundreds of millions of fans of this best sci-fi franchise.  Fox blu ray films recently have good quality, esp for modern films, they tend to have minor problems like white spots ruining the films - I ROBOT and even MAX PAYNE had these problems.  I don't understand why white spots cannot be masked or removed digitally, as it unbelievable these spots can ruin 100 million dollar budget films.    the bonuses on video and even the home video logo look pristine on video, but the main product, the movie itself, has sporadic annoying white spots that can kill the viewing experience...  ANyway, for ALIEN trilogy, Fox, don't f**k this up for the sake of your huge legion of fans...  Sega already killed us with their ineptitude with the ACM game, so Fox is our last and best hope.
  13. Alien Director's Cut
    This release coming from Fox, expect disappointments. It seems like everything that comes from Fox nowadays never live up to the hype.
  14. Bio Mech Hunter
    What the hell? No Resurrection?   >:(   I'm stoked we're (finally) getting the Alien films on Blu-Ray, but no Resurrection?   ???   I know it's generally the least liked film, but it should at least be included for the completists. I personally rather enjoyed the film *guards himself from potential backlash* so I'm a little miffed about it's exclusion. Hopefully they'll release it with the same treatment as the others. Soon.   :-\    Still, this really is great news and I'm curious about the special Blu-Ray features they're touting. *thinks about the possibilities & drools on keyboard* I hope they also include both the theatrical and special edition versions.   ;)  
  15. Griffith
    I don't have blu-ray either but one thing for sure is that special edition or not Fox will not release content that for me as a fan is extremely important like:  Aliens: Deleted scene of burke being cocooned  Alien 3: Footage, Deleted scenes and comments of David Fincher not to mention that the person responsable of editing the first set of Alien Quadrilogy wanted to quit his name on the credits ..I wonder what he knew about
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