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Predator 2 Coming Soon to Blu-Ray

Predator 2 will be released in the UK on Blu-Ray on November 3rd. Specs are unknown but it’s only a 1-Disc set so I imagine it will be like the Predator Blu-Ray with no extras on it. Here’s the artwork from

20080930 Predator 2 Coming Soon to Blu-Ray

The retail price is £22.99 according to There’s also a Predator 1/2 Blu-Ray boxset coming out on the same day for £30. No word on a US release as of yet. Thanks to jimmyboy for the news.

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Comments: 41
    I'm just happy to see something put on Blu ray.  I don''t mind having the special features missing for Predator 1 & 2.  But to hell with Fox in thinking I'll buy just the theatrical version of Aliens when the finally decide to realease that on blu ray.  I'll wait until 2032 or whenever they release the Quadrilogy on blu ray.
  2. Johnny Handsome
    Its not all wolf on the cover, the wristblades are from the avp poster,wolfs mask, the dreads are from predator 2 and the hand is from predator2. And on the side there is a little pic from the predator in the slaughterhouse. I like the cover, i like it a lot.
  3. davebhamuk
    Also Wolf's mask is alot like the one from Predator 2 just with a few modifications.  If they got someone in a Predator suit and did a live action picture thats the same as the Predator Concrete Jungle Game cover then that would be a great cover picture for a Predator Boxset.
  4. davebhamuk
    Wolf was also blatantly on the cover of the Definitive Predator 2 Steelbook DVD they released over here not long ago.  I think that its really bad that they get away with releasing barebones Blu-Ray films at full price. Then again the extras would be the same as the ones on the dvd you've already got and in the same definition.
  5. xor_ew
    What a horrible cover! WTF? I guess that someone has spent only five minutes to create it... There is no climax and at last this AVP Predator    ???   No extras??!! Poor, really poor FOX...    :-\  
  6. YutaniDitch
    Heh, pardon my ignorance, but isn't the whole point of a Blu-Ray to have BOTH the movie in out-standing quality (the pun is intended) AND with the extras...?  I mean, who in their right mind would spend  £ 22 on a disc with just the movie in it...?  oops, sorry...wrong forum...!   ;D     ;)  
  7. War Wager
    I'm a sucker for cool covers (even though this one is clearly photoshopped Wolf/PFace combo) I know Fox will release 2 disk version down the line, but I can't but want to buy the boxed set when it's released.  Damn me.
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