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Prometheus Mess Deck Walkthrough Video & Artwork

Illustrator and storyboard artist, Julian Caldow, has uploaded a new batch of Prometheus concept art to his portfolio. The pictures show the interior of the Prometheus ship, the Ampule room’s archway and the TED arena.

There is also a very nice walk-trough video showing the mess deck of the Prometheus. You can watch it below:

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  1. Space Sweeper
    Crazy. With the David shot below the production still, I thought it was a production still as well, with Fassbender taking direction... but the hologram is still there. Just shows how utterly convincing the effect is, working on a subconscious level.
  2. LarsVader
    Nice finds!
    Google has another one in its archive:
    (Hope you can view this.)

    Other stuff:
  3. ChrisPachi
    I must admit, that was really cool seeing those things photographed by an amateur.  The grand scale of the production is still evident and it must have been an amazing feeling being there.
    And these old boys look awesome in this shot...
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