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  1. Skulexander
    I never said they ever tried it. Just that they must have at least put thought into it. They would have to, unless they don't actually care about the end product, and from what I've seen so far, I don't think that's the case. Also, like I said, it's debatable whether the way a digitigrade alien walks is creepier than the way a "man-in-a-suit" alien walks. They probably think a digitigrade alien is creepier because it would walk more inhumanly. I can see where they're coming from, if that's the case. However, I think, if done right, the way a "man-in-a-suit" alien walks could be more creepier. Then again, if done right, the way a digitigrade alien walks could also be creepier. It all depends on execution.
  2. OpenMaw
    I don't know how anyone could say that the original design couldn't work as-is in a game. Not to mention, we already have a horrifying character with an "abnormally human" design scaring the Hell out of people. The SLENDER man.

    Especially if we're talking about motion. Bolaj Badejo worked his ass off on motion. Study this stuff,

    Seriously, game developers! I love everything you're doing, but honestly, fix the suits design. It *can* work. All you have to do is get the exaggeration of the human form right, and make it move in a way that disturbs the player. It's not a brute or a beast. It's the devil himself, and it should look the part of Giger's original design from head to toe. It's criminal, especially if it's true they've been scanning actual props and set pieces from Alien, not to get Giger's suit at least 95% right.
  3. SiL
    They've never said they tried it, just that "They knew it wasn't going to work".

    Meaning they didn't bother and did what they wanted from the start. Which is entirely their right, it's their product. But it does kind of piss on their own "Guys look at how faithful we are!" marketing.
  4. Skulexander
    Let's think like the game designers for a moment. Until proven otherwise, I'm going to assume that the game designers know what they're doing. Remember that this is a horror game and that to make a horror game actually horrifying, you have to get all the little details right. They had to have put a lot of thought into these details (unless this is just another A:CM; let's hope not). Maybe, at first, they did think about using the original alien design, but maybe that wasn't scary enough. The most major difference changing the legs is gonna make (besides appearance) is the way the alien moves. Perhaps the designers thought that the way a digitigrade alien moves was a lot more frightening than the way a "man-in-a-suit" alien moves. That's debatable, I think, but I can understand if that's the conclusion they came to. As for the mouth, a bigger and stronger jaw would indicate that the alien uses its mouth as a weapon. Maybe the alien is going to bite our skulls in half. I can dig it.
  5. MrSpaceJockey
    Lol there's only so many ways to portray a destroyed android...nothing wrong with a bisected robot.  If it were a decapitated android you'd likely still complain and besides, we've already seen android decapitation again in Prometheus. 

    Don't sprinkle nonsensical bits like that into your criticism, it devalues it.
  6. RobThom
    Looks terrible.

    I didn't care for the quote from the playstation article where they're bragging about how "fans will be instantly familiar with the authentic visuals".
    IE: The same braindead corridor tour through inappropriately cobbled together set pieces from and references to the first 2 movies that CM was.

    Not only that but now their apparently trying to ape Alien instead of AlienS as far as the atmosphere, but they still have to rely on ripping off alienS with the bisected android.

    Because game devs these days are easily as creatively bankrupt as their hollywood counterparts.

    In fact those are their oft-quoted goals and role models.
  7. Layorz
    No, that's actually where the host trait thing comes from.

    "Of course it looks like a man! It came from one. If it'd hit the cat, it would've looked like the cat," to paraphrase.

    Well, yeah. Alien came from man obvious. Alien monster costume isn't a man in a costume from a theatrical perspective though. As in yeah lets give the monster humanish features from a story perspective but lets make it look like it isn't actually an actor wearing a constume, hence the crazy tall and thin man wearing the costume. I thought I read that somewhere once but I couldn't find it now if you paid me to.
  8. Xhan
    whole game

    Your arugmentation is missing the point of criticism.

    Nothing you posit was even stated any of that, and it kinda funny that this is the standard defense offered by most here.

    "are you gonna blah blah blah whole game bad blah blah only one difference alien blah blah blah"

    Off the subject, and completely irrelevant.

    The subject has nothing to do with gameplay or entire project thrust.

    The subject is marketing and hype versus the actual Alien design and the paper thin justifications for it, and the fact that it's happened three times in a row.

    The tail is once again too long, the once again goofiest legs that instantly demarcate try-a-nid alpha space arf wannabe, the once again hilariously over-exaggerated tyranid mouth, the once again overexposed skull that's supposed be a kind of demarkation toward what Aliens is (hint: it's not a marquee sign), that even glows this time just in case your loud mouth breathing makes you easily distracted and likely to miss it, the goofy chewing gum tendons and no lips so that in case you forgot which end is the business end so you can be reminded every time it kills you by the ultra specular chompy parts that are always there now instead of being revealed as appropo etc etc.


    Yeah, it's resurrection design squished into a giger shape with super manly chin and outward bulgy teefs to offset the female protag. Not really sure how much of a net improvement you'd call that.


    If it was a little bit, people would react like it was a little bit.

      You're going to be spending "ten to twelve hours" with the design. It probably matters a tad more than you're intimating.

    You're also missing the contrast between the level of attention to detail in the Alien and the amount of fidelity in the environment it operates in and the sound and visual assets that go with said environment, it's kind of a large gap that creates a curious incongruity of immersion.

    Contrary to CA's claims, you know what they didn't have in 1979?

    Animatronic digitigrade legs that would work worth a damn.
  9. SiL
    No, that's actually where the host trait thing comes from.

    "Of course it looks like a man! It came from one. If it'd hit the cat, it would've looked like the cat," to paraphrase.
  10. Nazrel
    Cleary to be seen, they took to much notion of the Rambaldi head.

    And how is the "man in a suit" look not scary and horrofying???

    When the original alien is exposed the "man in suit" is just silly looking. I think the design is fine as it is. The alien looks good it isn't the crappy avpr design. even if it did, as long as the gameplay is good and the story doesn't suck it'll be fun. so they changed the design a little bit? are you going to base the entire game off of a few designs you dislike?
  11. MrSpaceJockey
    Yeah. There's an official Alien: Isolation website and forum.

    I dunno if they really look at user response there but it was buzzing with threads and people the minute the trailers got released.  Haven't went back myself since, though.
  12. YeBittenDog
    I am actually impressed with the design. I like to see subtle changes to the xenomorph. Aliens change their bodies, shapes, and tactics depending on what host they grow inside. It's always nice to see a new artist's take on an old classic. The smooth original head was nixed for Aliens when they used more armor plated skulls. The xenos are an every changing species and I think that's a part of their appeal. Anyhow... I'm stoked for this game. Looks like loads of fun!
  13. StrangeShape
    The more humanlike the design is, the more disturbing I find it. It's hard for me to understand why the "man in a suit" approach wouldn't be scary or disturbing if the animation is pulled off correctly.

    These stances here are similar, if you don't look too close you can't even tell the leg design on the second one. Yet I find Locusta's to be as disturbing.

    Not only that, but Locusta's model of the original also shows the sexual connotations of the design, slim and sexy, yet disturbing
  14. thecaffeinatedone
    Really, after seeing the sleek and skeletal, uncanny-valley, androgynous design of Locusta (aka the 1979 version)in full light, this design pisses me off. It's not a deal breaker, but man is it disappointing. I usually try not to nitpick things too, but I gotta call it like I see it!
  15. Canon_Barbarian
    Don't like legs.
    Don't like jaw. With widely open jaw CA alien reminds me ADI's alien
    Don't like skin texture. To blurry and meaty. Maybe it is just depth of field effect, but...

    Don't know why devs always try to change alien designs.
  16. Xhan
    Pretty much. It's all about animations and presentation.

    SEGA's catalog is 100% devoid of any other connotation than "strange shaped space dog", and while that MIGHT have been an issue with the games the previous go round (actually it isn't, I was able to make some pretty disturbing and smoothly elegant animations in AvP2 1PP weapons, and while they don't translate as well to the 3pp animations of "scratchy bitchslap" which unfortunately have to be timing locked and synced with damage impulses or you get double tripling and even quadrupling of damage ratios) it shouldn't be this gen, or even frankly last gen. When a hamfisted EA retelling of Dante's Inferno carries more connotation, something has clearly been defenestrated.

    Any "borne of" or "born to" or frankly ANY kind of body horror or sexual connotation has been completely stripped out of the Alien, when the technology is pretty much perfectly in position to replicate it.

    For people claiming to "totally get" the franchise down the Nth detail, it has yet to appear like they actually do.
  17. ikarop
    The more humanlike the design is, the more disturbing I find it. It's hard for me to understand why the "man in a suit" approach wouldn't be scary or disturbing if the animation is pulled off correctly.

    These stances here are similar, if you don't look too close you can't even tell the leg design on the second one. Yet I find Locusta's to be as disturbing.
  18. locusta
    Itś actually easy to eyeball the right proportions. First, don´t take the Rambaldi head as reference.

    Than understand Giger`s design, and how human like it is in fact. The underneath dome skull gives already a good sense of that.

    Giger never intended to make it such a goovy monster look and he was never happy with Rambaldi´s alteration of the head, forced by technical restrictions and material in that time.

    All Giger creatures have almost female and in any cases human sized mouth and dentition.

    That IS the horror of it!

  19. Xhan
    The original is far more tapered and angular relative to the slop of the head from both sides and front and has no lower jaw bulge and only opens as big as it needs to.

    The new one has a brock samson jaw and is angled to be deformed enough to stick an entire head in it, placing the "hinge" of the jaw much further back like a dinosaur. The part that actually flexes open is almost tripled in size.


    I'd hazard folks are simply tired of the ridiculous level of not even trying to imply telegraphy from the SEGA catalog when none of it is in any way necessary.
  20. SM
    If I remember you avatar, I think I can find similar shots online (pretty sure I have still 8"x10" photo of it at home somewhere).  Still can't see it.
  21. SM
    Alright that's a bit over the top.  Mind you, that pic looks like it could be a different model.  Chin looks more prominent.

    Not sure what you mean by slender and thinner though.

    Comparing this to the shot just before Ripley opens the hatch, the only different I can see is the chin should be a teeny bit more narrow than the bottom row of teeth.

    But that's really picking at the nits.
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