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Predators’ official running time has been found over on German fansite AvPWorld. According to a Fox Press Book, it will be 105 minutes long. For reference, the original Predator was 107mins and Predator 2 was 108mins. AvP was about 100mins but had 10mins of credits and AvP Requiem was about 94mins.

 Predators Running Time

Thanks to Johnny Handsome for the news.

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  1. Awesome!!!
    I'm just glad it isn't under 80 mins.
    I'm willing to bet there will be a substantial enough build up before the predators start rocking the screen.
    I do hope there will be some decent character build up so you can at least give a shit when they get killed and skinned.
    Unlike the avp series where they are so annoying you want the to be permanently silenced.
  2. As long as the quality is good then the running time sounds good for this film.  Both previous Predator films were about the same and I didn't think that adding more would've made them better.  As long as PREDATORS is like the first two then BRING IT ON!!
  3. Antal has already stated there will be an extended cut for the dvd so the definite version will probably clock at just under two hours, which is long enough.

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