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Predators Royce Feature

Fox has released a new behind-the-scenes segment about Adrien Brody’s character Royce. It’s over a minute long and like the previous sneak-peak, it’s narrated by Robert Rodriguez. You can watch it over on YouTube.

The Official Predators website also has placeholders for three other character feature videos. Edwin’s will be out on the 30th March, Isabelle’s on 6th April and finally Cuchillo’s on 13th April. Thanks to CWRadin, Johnny Handsome and Eric for the news.

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  1. atomicpunk
    i think guys that Brody looks alittle to thin but most spec.ops.guys are'nt that big so he may fit the part,i guess.i still think of what i have seen so far of the preds.they still don't have the badass look or the cool gear like pred.1 and pred.2! as for the characters i think the JAKUZA is pretty cool.
    @Brian c Nobe, I mean Royce might uses the another JAck Crain made knife-machete which is same design as Billy's in the first PREDATOR and If you notice one of the gang members in PREDATOR2 metro scene that guy also armed with this JAck Crain knife too, I think JAck Crain knife is a signature weapon for PREDATOR sequels don't be confused man.
  3. Brian c
    ???  Yeah k its the 9th and by the way do you think that royce somehow found billys knife since he died before he could slash the predator and his knife fell. But how??? Hes nowhere near that location and in p2, they were showing a team invesigated the burned rainforest, dont you think they wouldove found billys knife??? so weird
  4. Yutaniditch
    I have my reservations regarding the choice of brody as a supposedly hardass, uncompromising, stone killer...

    Brody never looks like that, despite the obvious bodybuilding training he seems to have had!

    Even so, he doesn't look capable of fighting a Predator on his own turf! That is why I think Arnie was more credible to fight the Predator in the first movie...He had the body of a westler! brody does not, even with more toned muscles!

    I like him, but I don't think he is the best choice to play this character... Hopefully, the movie will prove me wrong! :-\
  5. atomicpunk
    this movies getting alot of good hype man. i hope rodgiuez proves me wrong? i want 2 see this franchise get a fresh start! there could be alot of great predator movies 2 come after this.i'm still in doubt.but it does look kinda i said before avpr lookd good to until the movie came out and it sucked!!!
  6. Tangakkai
    Yes they definetly castet the right guy! I'm completely won over by Brody... hiring such actors like him who got an oscar shows that they are serious this time around and not making a amateur-movie like avp 2
  7. jevjnd2000
    I'm glad that they're not giving too much new footage away and I really think that these characters are going to be a return to form for the Predator franchise.  No more goofy cops or civilians.
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