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There was a convention called CES 2008 ealier this month in Las Vegas where they showcased various Blu-Ray media. Fox was showing off their Alien vs Predator vs You BD-Live game that will appear on the AvPR Blu-Ray Set.

20080130 AvPR Blu-Ray Game

The game is based on the first AvP for some reason. It allows viewers to play across the Internet. Check out the article for loads more pictures of it. You can also see the AvPR Blu-Ray artwork in the background. They’re using the original teaser poster for it. Thanks to AdamJZ for the news.

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  1. i have a feeling whenever u see an alien you shoot it a,la  rebel assault  game wise then rack up points, pretty abysmil the only diffrence is the movie will play as normal while you watch it and take out the aliens  those who never played rebel assault ,it was like a movie in the background and your character was static in the forground (FMV) and the stormtroopers apear left n right and it looked like a movie plaing
  2. Ah, I guess this makes sense.  I noticed the footage was from the first AvP, but it appeared to be part of the second AvP Blu-ray release.  I guess it'll be explained closer to the release date.

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