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AvP Requiem DVD / Blu-Ray Sales

So AvP Requiem was released on DVD / Blu-Ray last week in the US and the sales figures have now been published today. From

“Juno debuted at No. 1 on both the Nielsen VideoScan First Alert Sales chart and Home Media Magazine’s rental chart, with Aliens vs. Predator – Requiem bowing at No. 2 on both charts… In rental revenue, Juno generated an estimated $8.4 million in its first week according to Home Media Magazine market research. “Requiem” finished close behind with $7.7 million… On Blu-ray Disc, “Requiem” came out on top while Juno bowed at No. 2.”

So AvPR came second place in the Sales/Rentals charts, generating $7.7M in rental revenue. It came top in the Blu-Ray chart, however. So what does this mean? Well, the first AvP generated $8.6M in its first week. So despite the overwhelming negative reaction to AvPR, it’s done pretty well.

Update: AvPR made $11M in DVD sales in its first week making a total of $19M. That doesn’t include Blu-Ray rentals/sales so the figure is even more.

Update #2: In the second week, Cloverfield entered the rental chart at the top while AvPR dropped to 4th making $6.34M. However, AvPR still kept top place in the Blu-Ray chart.

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  1. ZEN
    @ MJP PRED & cppsp  Aliens and predators are equall,it's just how you look at them.If preds are so cool then how come so many got killed in AVP/AVP-R?.And if aliens are better in every way then how is it Scar and Wolf minced their way through them?.If you two think one of them suck's then that's cool,I was just saying is all!   ;D  .   @ Gort Pred  I am one lucky mother pa*k-de(   :D  ).I have some of the old Kenner toys!.They are so nifty!!!.The head broke off the lava pred a few years back,but super-glue saved him!.I remember the X-mas I got my very first AVP set,it was so cool with the see-through dome alien,too bad the comic fell apart (I was 3 years old when I got it).I showed the ones I had in a previous post ,you can probably find it in the archives.You should try out the horror/heroclix hame!.The other day I used the pred I got in the A-Q:action pack and I attacked the VET Moonstar (from the FF set).I rolled double 6's!.And when I rolled for "blades/claws/fangs" I got a 6 and did 7 clicks of damage & KO'ed her!!!.My new LE:pred is useless for now,but the more I play with him the longer he last's!   ;D  . Sorry you missed comic-day,but if you go now you might get some good left-over comics for free!!!   ;D  .
  2. Guest
    Sup yall,  I liked the ALIENS movie the best {the second one}.  Alien 3 sucked.  I liked them all however.  Aliens are obviously way better than Predators in every way.  Peace.  *Chris* or {cppsp}.   8)  
    Hey guys! I thought AVPR was awesome,but it could have had more Predator parts. I mean, Predator is just so cool! Aliens suck! If anybody says so otherwise, your'e a dunce,   ;D     ;D  
  4. Gort Pred
    @ ZEN  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH omfg i can't belive i missed free comic day!?!!!!!!!!!!!!    >:(     >:(     >:(    you are one lucky matha f***ing matha f***er! lol  well ya know what...i found the old Kenner Predator and Aliens figures they used to sell in my closet the other day!!    ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D   now that is something to be happy about
  5. ZEN
    @ Deco,Sulaco,Gort Pred & YautjaFan  Did you guys have an awesome free comicbook day?.I did!!!   ;D  .And guess what,I got the limited edition cloaking predator!!!!    ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D      ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D      ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D  . He's so f**king kick-ass!!!.Now,I like to play heroclix,but the rules are so different from horrorclix,so what you do is ignore the horrorclix rules and cards!.Its that simple!!   ;D  .As for the aliens having poison,you can just imagen it as their ferociousness.And the preds shape change can be mimicry and their cloak (I read in a comicbook how a human reprogrammed a pred cloak,but he got water on it with a dozen preds surrounding him.....).I do'nt recomend using the queen or the one drone mainly because their powers do'nt make sense,and I do'nt like using Lex because they made her too tall!(   >:(  )   ;D  .Also,start the elder ONLY on the green line,and once he's KO'ed,thats it,DO'NT put him on the red line (this will help stopping/preventing small fights!).But it makes for a really cool game!.I bought several cops and thugs to re-enact P2!   ;D     ;D  .You guys (Or anyone else for that matter) can try this,or you can come up with your own rules,but you guys have got to try it,it's really fun!!!!   ;D     ;D  .  PEACE!!!!! ,,V.   ;D  .V,,
  6. ZEN
    I also had a thought that whould make many ppl happy!!!   ;D  .The majority of the alien fans like the idea that the xenomorphs were created as a bio weapon.Thats were my idea that they were used for terraforming comes in.You send them down,they take over,kill the local wildlife by taking their dominent genes and overlapping the weaknesses with a tough chiton ,acid blood etc. and they set up massive hives,then you send a gasious form of what Wolf used in AVPR to get rid od them and everything else!.Now,in the comics/novels,the preds were not always hunters,but united under the supreme elder to hunt!.But why?.Because a space-jocky ship came down trying to take over the pred homeworld.Thats when the first hunter appeard,the supreme elder!!!.When they became advanced enough they shot an S-J ship out of the sky (on a 3rd-7th attempt) and they reverse engineared their hyper(or was it star?)drives!!!.Also,theres that Black Warrior thing that does'nt make sense.Or does it?.In AVP:Prey the preds wear the chiton as body armor!!!.What if the first hunter was the first  to wear the "black" chiton!?!.They could sooo have this as the set up for AVP3!!!.  Sorry if i sound like a smart ass,but I watched Dr.Who earlier this night!!!   ;D   PEACE!!!!!   ;D     ;D     ;D  .
  7. ZEN
    Like I said,the predalien was turning into a predalien queen.Think about it,we've only see'n 4 queens,1 was in A2,the 2nd in A3,the 3rd in A:R I do'nt count because it was part human,and the 4th was in the temple and it could have been another queen rather then one the preds brought because as AVP showed,the temple was blown up (It was in the flash-back just to let those of you who refuse to watch AVP know).It could very well be possible.Totally agree with you Gort Pred!!!   ;D  .
  8. redalert51
    It was to dark at the cinema and the same on both the DVD/BR release's,also I really hate having to adjust the brightness control on my monitor/TV,most players having viewing adjustments.  The film had quite a long run in the commercial cimema's,well I would hazard a guess,that it had a longer run than AVP1.
  9. Biz
    Back on topic.... The movie looks way better in HD than it does in standard def. I did a side by side last night. Dark movies especially benefit from high def transfers.  This type of movie is also the perfect Blu Ray title because most Blu Ray adopters are video game geeks... Like me
  10. Gort Pred
    Well Semaka, you can answer your question about why the aliens looked like the hybrids babies, and thats becasue Predalien is an alien. It's just an alien with a few pred characteristics. Thats why it didn't kill the normal looking aliens and have predalien babies. I know you would expect that (i did) but its a going to be queen alien with pred stuff on it. So the babies will look like aliens.   All in all I like all the things ppl are saying (the ones that like the movie i mean)   I'm gonna have an alien, predator, and avp night again tonight    ;D  
  11. Biz
    I don't think we will ever see direct sequels to Alien or Predator. AVP is the new franchise and I believe the creatures are now inseparable. However, I do believe that an Alien remake will happen some day.  AVP is a successful franchise in terms of economics.
  12. Sulaco
    Good question Semaka For A5 no space jockey, how about a deep salvage team finding the biomech alien or the queen? Theres some good specimens for the scientists.  Yeah no runner in AVPR... so sad, perfect opportunity. AVP3 can do whatever, include everything I think.   ;D  
  13. Semaka
    Gort Pred | 03 May 2008 02:50 89  Wo wo wo ZEN and Semaka hold on!  There is an alien origin, its in the books. There will be alot of pissed off fans of the novels if they make a movie like that and its its own, not the book. The books tell you enough about the aliens and predators. The space jocky (in one of the books) created the aliens. There is or should be no alien home world, (unless you count the space jocky world)
     That is why I don't want any space jokeys in the movies. But I do want a movie with lots of kinds of aliens, like runners, drones, praetorians. That was a mistake in AvP:Requiem. I mean, there was a forest nearby, animals=runners, but no runner, there was a dog in the sewer, what happened to the dog? a runner would have been nice.  And another thing that i don't agree with AvP:R is that how come the aliens that were born from facehuggers+humans look the same as those born from Predalien+humans? I mean, those should look different.
  14. Shouldercannon
    To all rabid fanboys  who say bring on P3 or A5, be careful of what  you wish for. Fox had P2, A3 and A4, and they weren't  exactly classics were they? Not that the AVP franchise is  a solid gold standard by any means, but stand-alone sequels of P or A won't guarantee quality or box office returns if they continue with subpar scripts and directors. AVP  exists because Fox realize A and P alone does not have the same level of fandom as mega-franchise like Harry Potter or Star Trek, so  they combined both of them to maxmize returns. If you want stand alone A and P, then you must demonstate by $$$ that  a sufficient level of fan support exist for stand-alone sequels. Star Trek series, so they tried to combine both series of
  15. ZEN
    Sorry,I should have added that the pred helmet whould have seen the heat,but it was coverd by mud,therefor the helmet did'nt register it as bio-heat,but as background heat instead   ;)     ;D  .
  16. ZEN
    @ Biz & blackhawk  Although it was cool,Biz has a point.But,what you two are forgetting is that the pred helmet is set to scan for bio heat and dangerously high heat sources,otherwise it whould be like at the end of the movie where everything the predator saw was bright red.Just saying is all   ;D  .
  17. blackhawk
    Your right spinner, that part in the hospital was dark. For me it was the only part that i found dark. The scene happens so fast that it's hard to tell what happens. You know that the pizza boss is killed but how??? other then that that was the only dark part in the movie.  In response to Biz's comment "I think it is so funny that people knock some of the minor flaws of AVP-R, but it has been scientifically proven that mud cannot prevent body heat from being detected in infra-red. Go figure..."  Who cares if mud doesn't block body heat from infa red, that part in Predator was cool. How would Dutch be able to have a final showdown with the Predator at the end of the movie?
  18. Biz
    I think it is so funny that people knock some of the minor flaws of AVP-R, but it has been scientifically proven that mud cannot prevent body heat from being detected in infra-red. Go figure...
  19. Gort Pred
    Wo wo wo ZEN and Semaka hold on!  There is an alien origin, its in the books. There will be alot of pissed off fans of the novels if they make a movie like that and its its own, not the book. The books tell you enough about the aliens and predators. The space jocky (in one of the books) created the aliens. There is or should be no alien home world, (unless you count the space jocky world)  And alot of pple here say (in stone apparently    ::)  ) that after AVP the aliens are dead. The francise has been destroyed. Well how would making a sequel help them? There is only one way to begin something back from the dead and that is a word called "reboost" like batman. BF and B&R killed Batman, but BB brought him back. We need a reboost of Alien and that is something I DO NOT want.
  20. ZEN
    They are going to make AVP3,but if you dont start demanding stuff from FOX now (all of you) we'll just get another film thats s**t when compared to the other films.And do some of you ppl honestly think the predators whould let the aliens go extinct?.Just because we humans cant find them does'nt mean they are'nt in another galaxy!.I would like to see A5 take place in the past or something like that,and P3 should take place in the future.I do like Semakas ideas though.IF YOU PEOPLE DO'NT START DEMANDING NOW---ALL OF YOU---WE'LL END UP WITH PURE HORSE S**T!!!!!.  P.S. I found this by accident .
  21. Semaka
    Oh, btw, if you want to see space Jokeys, why not making an Alien 5, but not to be an Alien 5, to be like Alien Roots, or something like that, and explan how the eggs were found in Alien. And at the beggining of the movie, to see the spacejokey being killed by the alien coming out of him, and by that, we see a new kind of alien, an hybrid between SpaceJokey and alien. That will be a new thing. But, if they want to make something like that, it has to be a masterpiece of an movie!
  22. Semaka
    Well, let's see, I want Alien 5, if they make one, to be in space, I don't want to see Space Jokeys because, I think that will be bullshit, and this will make aliens a little uninteresting, the attention will turn to the space jokeys. Ok, so, Alien (1 alien), Aliens (lots of aliens), Alien 3 (one alien, runner), Alien 4 (lots of aliens, clones), hey, why not making an Alien 5, with 3 kinds of aliens, a big hive, on an alien planet, with the queen, and runners, drones and a new species, like Praetorian. And with some humans trying to colonize a new planet, sent by the Company (i want the action to be before Alien 4 (because Perez said that Ripley killed all the aliens, but he can be wrong).
  23. Gort Pred
    i'm curious here, can anyone think of a story for ALIEN 5? I'm asking the ppl here and Fox. Pred 3 can happen, and AVP3 even if ppl don't want it, but Alien 5. Watch AR again and listen to when the general says the alien race is wiped out. Then all the clone aliens or w/e are all desrtoyed just like the first alien in Alien. Think about it, AR was Alien but with more ppl and new story. But really though. What can we do to Alien 5...and not milk it? I mean wanting Alien 5, then 6 then 7 is milking it. What is this star wars? Why make more of 4 movies when we only have 2 of the new one? (and idk if there bad)
  24. Hicks_0998
    If Fox are saving the best for last, they'll need to hire established writer(s) and director(s) because the last thing we fans want is a piece of crap for an excuse of a beloved franchise.  Fox obviously haven't learned from their mistakes with AvP and AvPR.
  25. wonderous
    If I read that AVP 3 is going to mess up Alien 1-4 and Predator 1-2 by incorporating an origin story, or by going to the Alien planet or by having space jockeys,or if the strause brothers have anything to do with it then I will officially boycott the movie.
  26. chalante
    I concur, AVP 2 is regurgitated shit.....AVP 3 will be shit as well if the strauses have anything to do with it. 20TH CENTURY FOX should just do Alien 5 or Predator 3 or just give up, AVP and AVP 2 (EVEN MORE SO WITH AVP 2, complete shit) are fossilized shit
  27. ZEN
    @ Sulaco  Wolf wasnt on the pred ship with Chet,that was a different pred.In the space between Chet bursting and the scene were shes killing all the preds,at the bottom of the screan it says "2 days later" because the ship is charging up for launch.And in the novels/comics the preds have hyperdrives and stardrives.And yes,the only hybrids were the drones and Chet.Not to sure about the trophy wall,only watched the movie once.And you and I are both right,they need to do a lot for AVP3!!!.   @ everyone else  Do you seriously want the franchise to end with just AVP and AVPR?.I want an AVP film that will replace P1 as my favorite,I loved the films,but I'm tired of P1 being my favorite film of all time,it's been almost 2 decades!!.I want a new favorite film!!!.  PEACE!!!!!   ;D     ;D     ;D  .
  28. Semaka
    nodnol | 01 May 2008 20:03 75  I don't want a AVP 3. After AVP 1, I wanted a AVP 2, but after the trash that is AVP 2, I don't want a AVP 3
     You're right, AvP was bad. AvP:R was better than AvP, but it also sucked (let's face it, it wasn't that great of a movie), but at least, if they want to make an AvP3, make it the best, I mean, it can't get worse than Avp1 or 2
  29. Gort Pred
    I want AVP3 and P3, just can't do anything with it anymore.   As for somethings I read and still i'm guessing noone saw the unrated version but I'm really tired of answering this stuff so w/e  I'm getting board of waiting now, I want some news now.
  30. Semaka
    I mean, we all know that AvP is a f**ked up series, but learn from mistakes, and make a decent Avp3 movie, and at the end of the film, we can all say, "this time, they did the right job". If FOX are making a P3 or A5, please don't ruin the franchise, make good movies, or don't bother making them at all. I am very dissapointed with the AvP series, at least don't ruin the Alien Or Predator franchises
  31. Sulaco
    ZEN For me I don't care where they go in AVP3. In my world I'm starting to except AVP in general as it's own franchise and am now starting to have fun with it. For AVP3 I say bring in all the species, monsters, hybrids and droids and anythig canon, lore or possible to this battle!!! Make sure it's in the future and in space, oh by the way get Stan Winston in there, H.R. Giger and Elliot Goldenthal too. Theres many talented directors for this epic battle, with tons of possibility. Also up the fu*kin budget FOX and finish the trilogy and franchise with some dignity. As for P3 and A5 just keep it back to the roots. AVP3!!!.P3!!!.A5!!! Who's with me? PEACE ZEN   ;D     ;D     ;D  
  32. Sulaco
    ZEN Having trouble figuring out, AVPR pacing and reasoning. Why that pred used the shoulder cannon at Chet on board? Chet's molting process? {it was so fast not a single pred knew it even emerged from Scar) Pred ship distance time space travel? Trophie room ( was that a triceratops and space jockey skull? The list just keeps escalating ing AVPR after that. Anyway I still watch AVPR alot compared to AVP. What do you meen only 2 hybrids in AVPR? Warrior alien and Chet? Awesome with pred yelp!!! I miss that too. AVPR nailed some sound can't argue that. Oh but pred mimic ( want some candy) Yeah that helmet keeps evolving in canon.
  33. ZEN
    @ Gort Pred & Sulaco  Also,as ppl have said,JC made TERMINATOR with a $6Mil. budget.What if he had an $80,000,000.00 budget?.AVPR could have been better if they did'nt blow some of the money out their bums on CGI rather then good optical illusions and parlor tricks and good puppetry.Also,the Terms have time travel devices,what about a dimension traveling device?.I'd like to see a Term skull on a pred trophy wall,that whould be awesome!!!   ;D  .If all of us fans (at least 9,313 members here) made these exact demands for an AVP3 film they'd have to do it otherwise we could just not go and sorta ruin them!.WE ARE THE REASON WHY THEY HAVE SO MUCH MONEY!!!!!.WOULD DAN O'BANNON BE COUNTING HIS VAST FORTUNE IF IT WASNT FOR US FANS!?!?!.NO!!!!!!.WE FANS HAVE THE REAL POWER!!!!!.WE SHOULD HAVE A PROPER AVP MOVIE!!!!.IF WE ALL SENT E-MAILS,LETTERS AND PHONECALLS DEMANDING THIS,THEY WHOULD HAVE TO DO IT!!!!!.WHOS WITH ME!?!?!..AVP3!!!.AVP3!!!.AVP3!!!!!   ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D  .
  34. ZEN
    @ Gort Pred & Sulaco  As for and AVP3 idea,they should start the movie with a futuristick hologram FOX logo and they should play the tune,then the Betty should fly across and then cut to a scene inside the ship and have Ron Pearlman saying "I dont get it,they've been around for almost four hundred years yet all they give the plublic is pure horse s**t!!!." or something funny like that(   :D  ).They should have Ripley (as a side note,one is NEVER too old to act,look at that one guy who had a stroke and everyone said his acting carear was over,that he'd never act again,yet he kept on going and making movies out of spite to those people!   8)  ) and Bill Paxton,and someone from either of the pred films should be in it,THEY SHOULD HAVE A HERO! to go with the heroine (did I spell that right?).I mean,2 heros,6 heroines?.Its time for change.And I'd like them to get multiple preds that look like the ones from the other films (P1,AVP etc.)and new pred types just to show that ther ARE multiple races and clans because some ppl are so stubborn they refuse to beleive it.They should have a full size predalien queen facing off against a normal queen (sorta as a hive war),the movie should be OVER 2 hours long and they need to get serious directors such as McTeirnan & Camaran.They should also have the space-jockies,at least as a flash-back.And f**k the colonial marines,get the orbital marines!!!   ;D     ;D     ;D  .
  35. ZEN
    @ Gort Pred & Sulaco  Both the hospital AND sewer are very good places to set up a hive.Remember in A2 when were in the hive and it was hot and humid,but outside it was cool and dry?.They dont need a humid place,but dark and remote is very good.Also,in the hospital it was very dark in there as it was,and all they needed to do whould be to cover up the windows with chiton.Plus there were many patiants,and it was probably a survival instinct to set up a hive as fast as possible to fight off threats (because of Wolf).The only thing I was dissapointed in about the aliens was the fact that there were only 2 hybrids!.Though they probably wanted all the attention to fall on the predalien (who,in my opinion,was becoming a predalien queen) rather then on runners,cataliens and/or bullaliens.I wish they whould bring back the surprised yelp that the predator made in P1 with the trap.But I think they did cool with the different pred sounds like the way Wolf roared,and the way celtic (or was it Choppers?) growled.Made them sound varied rather then them all sounding the same.As for the preds mimicking voices,I think they can speak human (we have so many languages) but I think the helmet cleans it up.Ever notice that when they do perfect mimicks they always have their helmets on?   ;D     ;D     ;D  .
  36. Gort Pred
    Sulaco  yeah i get what your getting at, but i was mainly saying that women give birth in hospitles, the alien hive was tehre, thats what i was getting at   but yeah AVPR was awsome, and gritty like the old ones
  37. Sulaco
    Gort Pred I just fealt the aliens would be a little more sinister and secretive about the hive location. Though the hospital is full of prey. Aliens had the hive damp and hot, so that wouldnt make too much sence in a sewer anyway.  Also the movie got alot of flack and we don't need any TMNT jokes. I liked AVPR.
  38. Gort Pred
    Ooo this is up my ally, ok this is to...alot of ppl.   The hive was built, and really the battle in the sewer and all the other battles were all one battle in different areas. I thought its apprpriete that a hive was in a hospitle. You do see that right?  The movie had 52 days of filming, and pacing. You know why every movie is longer on DVD? It's becasue the studios want to make the movie go faster in thearters to get threw the plot faster.   it's interesting how someone on here wants all seperate things for Alien and Predator...but still wants an AVP 3 haha it's just...ppl want the marines in there, how can you do that without the company?   I do see what another person said, no refrence to the old films, just AVP with it's own thing. I'm down with that. Thats why I want james to write it and maybe direct it too.
  39. Sulaco
    I think the Bro's had some good ideas just not executed correctly. The hive should of been built and stayed in the sewer. Aliens should of taken hosts at night back to it ( aliens ) perfect chance to bring in the runner. Sound effects were good, though the predator doesnt seem to mimick voices anymore. Anything I heard was a step up from avp, especially not hearing the lion roar. Also movie was chopped, and stuff didnt make sence ( beginning ) anyway decent try. What was the budget for Pitch Black? Maybe get that guy in for avp3, I like all installments to have a different director. Different vision.
  40. Semaka
    You're right spinner, I think that attack scene in the hospital is the only one which is not clear. I can see like you, the alien rises from behind the man, it grabs him, drags him to the floor, and then all I hear are some screams, and they shoot the alien, and lots of acid is seen. Can anyone see how that guy is killed? I'm guessing a head-byte or something like that. I'm just guessing. But there are scenes that are clear, like, when Dallas is hanging upside down, I saw the aliens coming on the roof, and in the hospital, after Dallas shoots the Predalien, they run after it, and then the camera moves to the right, I could see another alien over there. These two scenes were the ones I couldn't see in the theater. But overall is a good movie, except for the script. The plot was good, I liked the idea, but the lines in this movie, were not that good. Peace.
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