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Report on AVP at Starfest

For those of you that knew, Lance Henriksen was one of the guests attending the AvP presentation at Starfest last night and some more AvP footage was shown. Here’s someone’s account of what they saw which was sent into

“I just saw the AvP presentation and it was AWESOME! It showed footage from the film, which looks sweeter than hell, and also a cast featurette (Lance Henrickson was there). I got a promo coin that says AvP on it, and has Aliens & Predator on both sides; a promo hat that says Weyland Industries on it. The footage featured clips from the movie that have never been shown before, it showed the Predator’s weapons and what they look like. And it had a quick little scene with the three preds on the top of the pyrimid fighting the aliens. I’ll get you the pics shortly. Is that cool, or is that cool?!”

And as for the theatrical trailer, it should be put online any day now judging by the rumours on forums and the emails I received.

Update: Pictures of the cap and coin have been released. On next page.

20040418_01 Report on AVP at Starfest

20040418_02 Report on AVP at Starfest

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